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Week Day Update! Day-1

Today is Tuesday February 9, 2016.
Last month, my family and I looked at new house that rests on top of a mountain far from anyone (besides the guy who lives in front of said house) and is surrounded by woods that stretch on for a good while. Now, our family has been staying in a small, cramped apartment for almost a year with two dogs and five cats (I know) and we're ready to kill each other. Literally. Now, we've been waiting on this house be become available, as the owner was working on it because it is quite old, and she seemed like she wanted to give it to us.

Kill All Your Friends

Today is a bad day already, why does my best guy friend have to be such a dick. He has been ignoring me for three weeks already. I just give up, he probably doesn't want to be my friend anymore. I should've known this would happen because I'm the most boring and socially awkward person ever. Oh well, next time he tries to approach me I might just start singing Kill All Your Friends as loud as I can.


Hello everyone, I'm new here!
Is there anybody who comes from Italy?

Random Musings 4

So I was listening to I Never Told You What I Do For A Living on my way to school and I realized that the last line is "and we're all dead now." I found it interesting because that's the last line of the whole album of Three Cheers, and the next album was the Black Parade where they all really were dead.

I love this band so much oh my god. I have listened to every song and I'm still discovering things.

I tried to come up with a theory connecting the first three albums, but there's actually a story connecting the first two and then The Black Parade has its own story, so that didn't work out.

I am really tired but HEY!!!!!!!!1!

Hey guys I just wanted to say hi and well hi. I am currently in school right now and in my theater class and all I am doing is playing Undertale and can't pass one specific part of the game but I am trying to pass it so bad. My theater teacher is walking around but I am trying so hard not to get caught well that is it for today GOODBYE :)