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humming away, day by day

Probably no one is ever going to see this.
I wish I had something real to say. Everything seems to mean nothing lately. I haven't even left my house in like a week and a half. I live in a weird fog, where there's a song humming in the distance. And it's weird because I can't explain it. Sometimes it's negative, and other times I'm okay.

I think I'm going insane but whatever. Maybe it's a summer thing.

Any music recommendations? I need to find some new stuff. I don't care if I've heard it before, but what are you (imaginary people) listening to these days?

And if you actually want to have a

Miss This Site, So Let's Pretend It's Still Here

the site and community page have been gone for a while. About 3 months, I think. So I'm gonna hope my home comes back, and maybe post some blogs as if it were the same.
School's out, as of 4 days ago. Summer's kinda boring but I'm going to Montreal and then camp in a few weeks so that should give me something to do.
Started dating a kid, Ace. Really like him :) He likes snuggling so great for me! It's one of those things where I can't belive HE likes ME. But I'll take the good luck ;) hung out at his house yesterday and had a great time :)

I'm trying guys, I'm trying to pretend that things



i joined to read the break up letter

and i have to say... reading that while listening to a revenge playlist isn't the best thing to do at 3am.