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Week off. Day 1 - Slowly breaking down.

It's so quiet online currently. I'm trying to find friends who are online but I've only found the odd one or two. I guess I can only talk to people who are off from school so my school, my brother's school and most of the schools in England. I guess also most of America is in school/work so most people aren't online. See I never recognise how quiet this website is during school hours until I'm off school.

Did you get what you deserved? Your Waffles!

Hello guys c:
Well I thought since I missed a few days blogging I might as well tell you about my weekend...

I know first of all yes the title is very strange but recently for the past 2 days into the holidays I've been going out with my friends to Burger King and well I have had 2 Belgian ice cream waffles, then on Sunday I had another 2...(I'm so fat xD) they just taste so good xD

Anyway less talk about waffles! xD Right now its 09:16 am and yes what better to do than blog !!
I would usually be out of bed but my mum is ill -_- I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BUYING MORE MERCH TODAY AND PANIC!


Hope you guys are okay!!!
Ive been doing my homework now for hours oh my geesus
I just really love MCR


pomegranates are too complex for this world

Officially a Nerd

HEY GUYS! I'm an officially a nerd! why? because I just picked up my glasses today. I'm still getting used to wearing them by using them to read, draw and go on my computer and all. It feels weird wearing glasses, like it tingles your nose.