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MCR: Emo?

I believe MCR is more Alternative Rock than Emo. It is very frustrating when people at high school call you "Emo" or "Gothic" just because you're wearing a MCR shirt. It's BS and stereotypical. Then here we have our beloved Scene kids who show off their "Emo MCR" merch.

I refer to myself as a punk/alternative rocker. Emo music is way off my league and if you don't understand me, then I don't think we can be friends TBH..

Pency Prep

I'm so salty, Spotify removed Pency Prep's only album off of their site. and it's super depressing. anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day! my dual enrollment application was accepted so now I'm officially a college student taking high school classes ayeee!


Hi, everyone :) I hope everyone is having a good day and week so far. this week so far, I've been chosen for dual enrollment (taking college and high school courses at the same time at no cost to me or my family), I'm even getting my pink permit for driving on Thursday. also, in TEN DAYS I get to meet Frank Iero. Life has been shit but I'm glad it's getting better, so far at least. hope you have a wonderful day <3
((((good vibes))))


Hello i'm new to this site and i'm just looking for other people to talk about music with soooo.... my favorite song is Hang em High as it's just fun to rock out to.

guess who's back? me.

hey, everyone, I haven't been on in forever. life has been absolutely crazy. I'm going to go see frank on April 28th in grand rapids, Michigan! is anyone going to that date as well? anyway i hope you have a good day random strangers!