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I still miss mcr

so its 16th january 2018 and mcr just posted the whole black parade is dead concert movie and it has another concert from 2007 in so i am dead. it may be 7 years, this year, since i made this account but i still love them as much as i did then

Snow Storm Part 2

Well we are supposed to get more snow down here in Georgia.

It's been a Brutal Cold Winter this Year, with several waves of Arctic Air and cold temperatures in the Teens F.

Like tonight the low is going to be 16 F. Which Our record low since I have been alive ( I'm 26) was a few years ago around 6 F.

So I'm hoping that Winter doesn't last all the way till March or April this year.

Cuz usually for Georgia we Get an Early Spring around Mid March Early April.

And the temps usually hit 60's to low 70's F.

um... hi!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this so I don't know how things go around here. It took me awhile to make my account since I didn't know you couldn't use Chrome to register, but I'm surprised I still had Internet Explorer downloaded. Anyways, I don't really know what to say now...but I hope to chat with other MCR fans out there! I really enjoy all their music and think they're really awesome.


anyone getting really bored

Mortuary Sub Complications Re Visited

So we will start off with the Good news. I think me and the girl in the U.K. are in a long distance relationship now, She never really told me?

And I put in an application to Target to be a Cart Attendent. Not sure if they will consider me?

Anyways I went to the doctor's yesterday because I have been feeling Depressed for the past couple of weeks.

So here's the Bad news.....

Since I was feeling Depressed and a little "S", they upped the dosage of my medications, because that's basically all they could do to keep me out of the hospital.

I haven't started the new dosage yet but I think I'm