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Tas wanita

Grosir tas branded

Frank Iero & the Patience Rise Against Deftones

Hi!!!! people. A week ago today I got to see Frank & the Patience in my city! Along with Thrice, Rise Against and Deftones. Guys this lineup is AWESOME! I can honestly say that this has been my first concert where I have actually liked all the bands. Because you know sometimes you go to a show for the headliner and have to wait until they take the stage. Have to wait until all the opening bands are done, sometimes I come across some new up and coming bands whose sets I liked and others not so much. but anyways, like I was saying I loved all four bands.

Update on life

Well everything is fine and all.

Had a medical procedure done today...

Won't go into detail.

Work is work....

4th of July is near, and I'm ready to blow shit up.

Anyway tired of being single. ( 5 years now)

I wish there where some people from Georgia on this site ( the state not the country) but a lass all you wonderful people live forever away.

Been a little depressed and anxiety has been a bitch lately but I'm making it through.

About me (updated)

Hey, there!
It's been very very long since the last time I posted anything on this blog. It looks like I make a come back every 4 to 5 years, I'm sorry.
I have been reading past posts on my own blog... If any of you get a chance to read them, I apologize beforehand hahaha. I was learning how to speak and write English. So, since most of the things I wrote then aren't very readable, I have decided to make a post of updated stuff about me!
I also have realized that the MCR fandom has grown here, so I think it'd be nice to get to know some of y'all :D

Anyway, here it is:

I was born in: 1995


Heeey I'm back, and I haven't posted anything since last year :o
I'm happy to see that there are new people here so hi :)
Has somebody watched Skam? Last night I watched Skam's last episode and I loved it! It ended with such a beautiful message, it was basically to remember that even if there's fear and judgements and hate, there will always be someone there for you and things will get better at the end. To not give up.
The reason I love this serie is because each season (there are 4 ) leaves you with such a big message, and I really wish we could get another season, but sadly is over :(