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This is just awesome!

Check it out!

(It's not me in the video)


We threw an MCR party when MCRX was announced, it was so much fun...if a little embarrassing haha
Just posted our video and pics from it here:
Would you guys ever throw an mcr party? ^_^

Tips Tampil Modis Meski Tengah Berbadan Dua dengan Model Baju Hamil yang Tepat

Model baju hamil kini hadir lebih bervariasi sehingga tidak sulit menemukan celana khusus bagi perempuan yang tengah mengandung. Dahulu perempuan hamil hanya terlihat mengenakan baju terus sehingga tidak ada yang berani memakai celana. Sebab khawatir akan kondisi janin serta kenyamanan ibu terganggu selama mengenakan celana model apapun. Namun kini model celana ada yang dibuat khusus dengan karet elastis pada bagian perut atau pinggang sehingga aman bagi ibu hamil.

Modis Meski Tengah Berbadan Dua

Beberapa perempuan merasa frustasi menyadari keinginannya untuk tampil modis terbentur oleh


Hi everyone ... im new to the site, i never knew this existed so when i discovered it my words couldn't explain the excitement. MCR means the world to me , it was the light in the darkness i once dug myself in.

Taking Back sunday and frank iero

Hey everyone! I'm actually in a really good mood right now, I'm very excited.
So in nine days (12th of February) I'm going to see Frank Iero and The Patience open for Taking Back Sunday in conert. Like most people on this website, I love Frank's solo stuff, so I was really psyched to see that he'd be playing a show in Dublin. And tbs is one of my favourite bands too so it's gonna be awesome.
I've never been to an actual concert before, and I'm so excited to go.
That's it for now ;)