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I really should...

I have about a million of half done projects to be done but I haven't done anything about them. Also dentists are evil I have had 2 teeth taking out in the past two weeks. Pain is fun. Not.

English Class

So, my teacher is giving us a talk about character and succeding. I'm not sure if she's trying to encourage us or if she's just worried about our extreme procrastination.


I'm in school right now and its so boring because no one listens to me...

Prologue to my story! XD

So I finally got the first draft of my stories prologue done! So I thought, "Why not post it?". So here it is! Feel free to give me some feedback on it. :)


Kristen took a deep breath, the blistering winter air burned her lungs. Her green eyes stared off into oblivion. She shivered uncontrollably, despite having a rather heavy winter coat on. The moon cast a dim gray light across the her pale skin. Her long black hair framed her face.
“Daddy, I'm cold.” She said quietly. Her father, whom had strayed a few feet ahead of her glanced back.

Hey guys

Hi I'm sorry I haven't been on here much. I have a lot of homework because of my b***h of an English teacher who gives us a lot of homework probably just because she can. I'm sorry my returning blog is so boring but I love you all and I want to be on here more because it helps me feel better and I'm really struggling worth school and my emotions and life in general. If you want to talk I'll make a kik account and my u/n will be Mousekat