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Message me!

Sooo... Since the message thing doesn't work (and the website is being really wierd right now) I thought I'd share my social media w/ y'all if you'd like to chat with me c':

Kik: SofieMarlene
Twitter: Sofieottestig
Facebook: Sofie Ottestig
Snapchat: Sofieottestig

How to upload a picture in a blog? How to remove blog?

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew how to properly upload a picture into a blog like this? And also, if anyone knew how to remove a blog? I accidentally posted the same blog twice xD

Love y'll <3

FF: A Wanderer From The Negative; Page 1

“Look alive sunshine..” The radio statics into reception of Dr. Death Defying.. Another day, waking in

Zone Negative One...

The negative zones are a sanctuary for us who are against BL industry. We have lost our homes, and our
true lives. Hunted down by those damn blood suckers. We can only hope to build our lives up again here

in the Negative.

Who am I? Heh, does it matter? I might as well just be called Dirt because that's all I am to those
who live safely within Battery City.

Life within the zones to them are considered sanctuary. With all of their
glorious shops to buy anything they


Hi guys! I haven't been here for a long time. It is because I can't see my messages. Also a few of my friends talk to my on Kik or twitter. If anyone wants to talk to me follow me on twitter @TheSpiritOfMCR (I will follow back) or Kik me th3GhostOf_McR


Sooo... I drew this a few months ago! The lyrics is MCR-related and the heart with the poison-snake is something I came up with! Would love to get this as a tattoo! c: