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The Calendar

hey everyone. hard to believe that is almost the end of may. i am getting outta school on July 28th! everyone has like weeks left and im just over here like i go mostly year round. Well i hope everyone is having a good day. so also my boyfriend will be together for two months on the 30th.. its crazy. so yea. im so happy gerard way got a snapchat! welp i hope you all are having a fantastic day. cya! -Lily


Ugh we have almost 2 weeks left of school and I can take it any more! My brain is giving up on learning and I´m going into summer mode. My grades are dropping and I don´t want to fail. UGHFUESFNIJN!!!

Life On The Murder Scene

I'm just wake up (it's around 1 PM in my country) because i was sleeping soooo late. I was accidentally watched Life On The Murder Scene. Then i continued it by listening all of their albums and watched some of their stuff.

I was working on my college task and then i'm tired and decided to watch some of videos.

Well, watch that documentary video of MCR is bring back all the memories of them and my childhood, which is i was growing up with. I mean, starting from the bottom now where here. They were just a rock band now they are a legend and their fans still devoting them.


My teacher had to go to the hospital without notice now we don't even have a sub... I'm bored lol