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Frerard <3s 4 Life

Ok so I was just sitting here thinking about the history of Frerard. Cause it goes waaaaaay back in the day, and I fully understand the band dynamics shenanagans. (I been around the block but it taught me how to rock, in words of my illustrious Twin.) So I wont tell everything I know right now, bat like, the Frerard true friendship always was and will always be until the end, alright? KNOW why i say that? Cause I know a real friend when I see one. I am astute like that.


It's 5:36 am. I'm supposed to be getting up at 6 or 6:20 but can't sleep cause I'm so nervous. I have to leave at 7 am, to get to school at 7:45 am to sit the test for 6 hours.
For those of you out of the USA and don't know what the SAT's are, they're a HUGE test. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, it's basically the test colleges use to judge you on weather or not they want you in their school. I'm looking at art school, for the most part, and for my top choice (Mass Art) the SAT is optional.

Greys Anatomy season 13


I watched the first two episodes and i like it but what i do not really like is that Alex accused of felony.......yeah he punched deluca to the hospital but accusing him of felony..this might cost his career...well as far as i know while watching those episodes is that alex might not ger fired but has to work in the clinic

What is with the spam thing

Ive just sat and wrote a poem. Well what I call a poem. Spam. The site got triggered.
The site triggers me.
The poem was called coffee.
Just know I tried.

Coffee loving motherfucker

I AM Here to Start a Rumour.

So, there is this vidz of gerard with his digital wifey with a this fucking song that i really, really love called "beautiful girls" by sean kingston. And the video is actually factually full of cute notes about how much they love each other. It tells a very cunning story of a cupidus love.
I have been blogging on tumblr and, unfortunately for gerard, he is often the object of my Personal attacks.
So today I posted that video again with that beautiful song and as Im posting it, I see in the rumoury section, Gerard and Linz ARE OVER!!! or something to that effect.
So Im like,