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epic realization

Sorry, maybe I'm the last one to notice this. But if you look at the Black Parade uniforms, Mikey's top has a black medal thing on it. No one else's does. Is it because, perhaps, he "died" in "The Ghost Of You" video? I don't really know, it was just my process of though upon staring at pictures of them. :) Does anyone else know why?

I like to make video tributes. How can I contact any of you guys?

This message is for Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob. I will thank any of you guys who read it and be so gentle to answer me sending a solution to my problem.

I noticed that some of your songs actually don't have a videoclip, only fan-made videos. for example: Skylines and Turnstiles, Disenchanted and Burn Bright.
I just made 2 videos (1 for Burn Bright and 1 for Disenchanted), they took me three days to finish each one because I've got other stuff to do during the day (work, study, etc).
Then, I successfully uploaded the first one (Burn Bright) to Youtube, but I couldn't do the same with the


I can't believe Mikey is getting married! ♥♥♥ I'm excited about this!!! My little Mikey!♥

MCR is going on tour!

Just so you know, the tour page has said "check back for more details on the upcoming tour" for a long time. Therefore, this means nothing

The Light Behind Your Eyes makes me cry

Like, everytime. I don't know why, but it's like my feelings are exploding ;-;