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This Confusing Mess

Can someone please tell me why they've decided to renew the copyright and "bring back" the community section? I'm really confused and would really like to know.

Thank you MCR

So I wasn't sure what else to write today, so I decided to try my hand at writing poems. It definitely isn't great, but maybe you guys will like it :)

Thank you MCR, for the lives you managed to save, and for all the troubles you've helped us brave.

Thank you MCR, for all the people you inspired, and for making us feel like we were desired.

Thank you MCR, for making us feel like we had a purpose, for making us feel like we weren't worthless.

Thank You MCR, for though the band is dead and gone, your memory will carry on.

Thank you MCR.

Weird Things I Heard in the Hallways

"Everyone's going to be happy. Except EVERYBODY!"

*5 males burst out singing happy birthday, all off key. They all say different names during the third line."

"And that's how you make thermite. They used it during 9/11."

(my friend Chestine passes me) "...they all had stds I LOVE YOU GRACE and then they...."

As you can probably tell, nothing interesting happened today. :P Started a new unit in biology, replied to stuff during study hall, read The Hunger Games in English, and learned the law of cosines in geometry.

Valentine's Day

Another year I'll be alone, I wish I had someone to call my own.

But yet here I am all alone.

Will I ever find some one to call my own? Or am I doomed to walk this world alone?

Maybe someone from here will save me.....

But I doubt it.

Hello Everyone!

Hey guys, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello to anyone who might be reading this! As a fellow MCR fan I hope to stay here for a while, and I hope everyone is having an awesome day!