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First post!

What's up, Killjoys? Thinking of writing a Danger Days themed story. Set during the Legendary Killjoys, but not in direct contact with them. Will post a link. Send me some ideas. Thanks!


So, last night I was apparently talking to Gerard, he was really cool and took the time to conversate with me for a while, but now I'm blocked and don't understand! Someone told me it probably wasn't him,but it just seemed too real! I'd be really heartbroken if it was a joke, so if you could clarify somehow if it was you, I'd really appreciate it!
Donyale (Nikki) Bailey


Yeah okay so i'm worried about this site and idk what's going on im so confused....they got rid of community and deleted my account (this is a new one) confused....yep bye


how do i delete this thing


i just wanted to say hi to everyone. i just signed in to this site and i am in love with it so far. I'll tell my sister about it.