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From my heart to yours

Dear My Chemical Romance,

I just want you to know that these past days have been very special to me. You guys have always been special to me. I don't know exactly why, but I have been listening to your songs and have been watching your videos of live performances (because well, that's the closest that I can get) repeatedly since last week, even before the release of your very short but truly cryptic video.

What was supposed to be yet another ordinary day for me became helluva glorious day when I saw your official facebook page on my Newsfeed, sharing that puzzling video. I was like, "OMG!

A very sick and terminal 14 year old girl

Dear MCR. I know you guys are busy with so much in your life. There is a very sick 14 year old girl . Who is a big fan of you guys. And she will be end in her life secondary to a very debilitating illness. She is choosing to end her life at the end of August . Was hoping you guys could make her smile. She loves you guys. Thanks for listening. Her story is on CNN and fox red site. Hope you all are well. Miss you guys. I am a big fan . Thanks so much,Donna RN

MCR vintage games

Hello, this is my first blog here. I didn't know the community here was actually working.

So, since is July 23 (here there are some minutes left), Alternative Press posted a list of things to do to celebrate the International MCR day. On was to "play the Helena and Sweet Revenge flash games on the old website".

I was very intrigued because I'm kind of a new fan (actually, when Revenge was released back in 2004 I was like... 8 years old and I didn't even speak english yet) so I didn't know about those games and they're not avaliable in the website anymore.

But they're easily findable (is that

a quick notice. very important!

Please do not give the boys any hate about the mcrx stuff!
This was all a publicity stunt by Warner Bros!
They don't deserve any shit!
Have a good night guys!

happy 14th year release Bullets! Here is a cover of one of my fav songs to celebrate! Please check it out!

hello mcr community,
like most, i was thrilled when i heard the announcement from mcr. even though they wont be touring, im still glad that the band lives on.
I recorded an acoustic cover of "I Don't Love You" off The Black Parade and i hope you enjoy it and share it other fans. This band means a lot to me. I know it means a lot to you since, were both on this blog.
Check it out and share it :)