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What's your all-time favorite MCR album, and you're favorite song from that album?

Hey everyone! I know it's probably very hard to choose, but what is your favorite MCR album, and you're favorite song from it? Tell me in the comments below! (If you're wondering, mine is Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, and my favorite song off of it is I Never Told You What I Do For a Living.)

my fanfic reclist

hello all,
i have been working for a long time on my fanfic reclist. this is it so far: mama Z's master list if it didn't go through the filter it will be in the comments. It's at 90 fics and not nearly half way done! so if any of you are interested, please check it out and show your friends or whatever cause i'm very proud of it. it's organized with tags so you can find what you're looking for
have a good day/night :)
ps it triggered the spam, check the comments please :) :)

5 Things To Recommend Checking Out (Because The Things I Do For Love)

Bloody hell, it's been awhile since I heard some new but familiar music that I've been craving to death to hear. I can consider that a birthday gift, thank you very much, internet.
But seriously though, it almost made me want to cry just listening something amazing this year. I'm not saying that most songs on the radio or on the billboard are bad...well, some of them are kind of annoying and mediocre at best but...anyway, these are stuffs that I found lately that made me feel alive again, haha.

5. Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Dark Necessities
I have yet listened to the whole album but this song


Hello my fabulous killjoys, I need some help.

My life is a mess. Like, messier than Gerard's Three Cheers van-hair. Yup, that messy. So, I've decided to go through and organize my life, just a tad more, to keep me as sane as a killjoy can get. I've gone about this by tearing apart my whole room and organizing the living shit out of it. It's been perfectly dandy, thanks to my new speakers blasting music to aid the tedious process, but I have hit a brick wall. I need to organize my closet. Easy, right? NO! EVERYTHING IS BLACK!!!!! Color coordination is completely out of the picture.

im totally into GA at the moment

I started watching Greys anatomy some weeks ago i think :P well i srarted watching it during season 12, now i have finished this, and started watching the old seasons and im now at season 2...its pretty cool! i like it and i must admit im kinda addicted to it almost every day...i really like the characters ^^

well anyone watching it?