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A little random

I may be finally getting a bass of my own soon! Saving money took sooo long. I got sick of messing with my uncle's, and I needed to pick up a new instrument. So here we are.

Give me some naming tips! I had a few thoughts, but what do you guys think? Until then, keep running. ^_^ xoPP

psycho gerard fic

i'm writing a psycho g fic. i just need some feedback.

It’s horrible.
There’s bodies everywhere, all bathing in fresh blood.
And in the middle of them all was a schizophrenia patient, Gerard Way.
The red liquid of his victims splattered amongst his black tuxedo, and matted hair.
A 9 inch knife falls to the ground as Gerard realizes what he’s done, he’s killed all of them. Everyone’s he ever loved.
His mother is too his left, 3 stab wounds to the chest and the throat slit slightly.


I am currently crying ft. wishes

i wish i had joined the mcrmy sooner. i wish i was a fan of them before they got really big. i wish so many things. i wish i could go one fucking day without crying. im really boring. i wish that frank iero and his smol sheepdog-ness didnt hurt my soul and i wish i could look at a picture of gerard way without exploding and i wish i could look at mikeyways jawline without dying and i wish that ray toro and his hair didnt haunt me. i fucking hate that i love this stupid fucking band and i hate that i love their stupid music and their stupid faces.

Please help!

Okay. So I had a boyfriend and I broke up with him. Then my best friend and her boyfriend broke up. Well her boyfriend told me and we started hanging out cos we had stuff in common. We kissed then stuff happened and we ended having sex. (30 seconds) anyways it was the first time I had sex. I felt so bad I told her and it turns our they never broke up. And now she hates me and won't talk to me. I don't know what to do. I have been balling my eyes out for weeks. And I have said sorry so much.