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Life On The Murder Scene

I'm just wake up (it's around 1 PM in my country) because i was sleeping soooo late. I was accidentally watched Life On The Murder Scene. Then i continued it by listening all of their albums and watched some of their stuff.

I was working on my college task and then i'm tired and decided to watch some of videos.

Well, watch that documentary video of MCR is bring back all the memories of them and my childhood, which is i was growing up with. I mean, starting from the bottom now where here. They were just a rock band now they are a legend and their fans still devoting them.


My teacher had to go to the hospital without notice now we don't even have a sub... I'm bored lol


I'm looking for band recommendations. What do you guys listen to?


Living on the inside:

My name is Megan North. I am a citizen of Battery City. Everything here is... Boring. I hear about the rebels on the outside. I wish I could be outside.. but I can't even leave my house. During the high times of the sun I am not even allowed outside of my room because of the radiation. My windowless room...

But I have X-10 to make me feel better. No, I know what you're thinking, X-10 isn't a drug, it's my cat. Yes, the last living cat in all of the Wasteland. Or at least that's what my mom tells me.. but I don't even know if I can trust her.