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"I not the psychological state, and people will have ups and downs, there are only two kinds of people will not have ups and downs, one is dead, is a God, I don't think I might not have ups and downs, just floating size only, I belong to the kind of floating in it, is not particularly large."
Safa Lo Va suddenly a fighting line! Li Na Li Na 30-40 <a href="">cheap oakley sunglasses</a> Safarova 1-2 Safarova
The second set Duan Yingying up on the offensive unabated, even with a broken protect made the perfect start 3-0; Paz Zack in the fourth inning, Paul

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Peng Shuai said, "although I don't and she played the game, but I like the first two so nervous, play better. When the coach approach guidance, he told me to play, do not change."
Xinhua news agency, Inchon, September 23rd sports <a href="">Cheap Michael Kors Handbags</a> special telegram (reporter Li Bowen Peng Qian) 23, China tennis in the Inchon Asian Games men's team competition in both reached the final of the men's team, after a lapse of 24 years, is the Asian Games Team Tennis finals.
He coached Haining Argentina coach to help

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Report from our correspondent yesterday for Li Na is not only the good news, the Australian official recognition of her before the game received coach coaching, was fined $4000.
Shen Jianqiu still remember the July panic morning, opened the door, "a bed not flip over, what are in the suitcase, what all don't take." But he still did not know the night, Hu Na <a href="">fake Ray ban Sunglasses</a> did not take any luggage, in addition to an ice bucket.
Published in this month 14 days of Wuhan open the list of entries, Azarenka due to injury,

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First Bureau, Li Na to play the advantage, made the first break. The second inning, Pennetta once made a three break points, but Li Na was successful, leading to 2-0. Third Bureau, Li Na won twobreak opportunities, although Pennetta resolve a baseline, but her face was Li Na, once againbreak. The fourth inning, Li Na blasted the ball Ace, protect hair hind to expand the advantage to 4-0. Fifth Bureau, Pennetta was leading 30-0, but Li Na was behind the break, 0-5. Leon Panetta, not willing to give up, hard to <a href="">jordan Shoes For

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"In fact did not celebrate (winning the Australian Open), because back in my home to spend the Spring Festival in Australia after the end of the game, with my parents and friends together. After the Spring Festival, I started training, and went to see a doctor, make sure that everything is normal,then came here."
At present, Li Na although expensive for the second in the world and the new Australian Open champion, but in the next two grand slam the French Open and Wimbledon are early exit, the situation is more difficult, if the same fate as Carlos has, like one disaster after another.
It is