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Dan and Phil

Hey does anybody watch Dan and phil? They are youtubers

Here are there things



Sing Us a Song of the Century

Things that have happened since last time I posted:

-my hair is still red. going black in a month or so
-cosplayed party poison and jade harley for tora-con. gerard liked my cosplay on twitter :)
-met todd haberkorn, bryn apprill, and clifford chapin at the con
-a girl dressed as asuna from sword art online came up and gave me a hug because she loved my poison cosplay so much XD
-when we were driving to pick up our badges, my friend was blasting funky town ironically and we were jamming out when the people in the car next to us started dancing too :P
-watched the movie gattaca in biology.

Wow! I need to praise my family

On Wednesday, I realised how much my family do for me because of a video to do with a bad son and mother relationship. I mean seriously I take most of the stuff they do for granted and I wish I didn't. Here is an example from most of my families that I am so thankful for:

Dad - Went out at midnight to a store to see if they had something that I needed for my homework that was due in THAT DAY
Mum - She always cleans the house and I never help out. Whenever she cleans my room, I just sit on my and watch YouTube videos or listen to music
Brother - Max puts up with all my thoughts.

F1.. Grand.. Prix.. Sochi.. Russia.. 2016.. Live..