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Greys Anatomy season 13


I watched the first two episodes and i like it but what i do not really like is that Alex accused of felony.......yeah he punched deluca to the hospital but accusing him of felony..this might cost his career...well as far as i know while watching those episodes is that alex might not ger fired but has to work in the clinic

What is with the spam thing

Ive just sat and wrote a poem. Well what I call a poem. Spam. The site got triggered.
The site triggers me.
The poem was called coffee.
Just know I tried.

Coffee loving motherfucker

I AM Here to Start a Rumour.

So, there is this vidz of gerard with his digital wifey with a this fucking song that i really, really love called "beautiful girls" by sean kingston. And the video is actually factually full of cute notes about how much they love each other. It tells a very cunning story of a cupidus love.
I have been blogging on tumblr and, unfortunately for gerard, he is often the object of my Personal attacks.
So today I posted that video again with that beautiful song and as Im posting it, I see in the rumoury section, Gerard and Linz ARE OVER!!! or something to that effect.
So Im like,

The Invasion -.-

... My pet spider has already disappeared jesus christ

Today's Fun Fact

More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss...