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i just wanted to say hi to everyone. i just signed in to this site and i am in love with it so far. I'll tell my sister about it.

Im so scared

Guys, something big must be happening. Theres news of a possible reunion tour and the community section isnt open to the public, I had to log in to see it.

My Chem Today

I just learned that my favourite band ever to exist is getting back together. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD.
I AM ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AGE AS MCR! MCR is a bit older than me but they were formed in sept. 2001 as you guys know and thats about the time i was born.

woah i haven't been here in forever

it's so so so embarrassing finding my old account from when i was 14 and soooo deep and poetic. so sad about the community page not being up and none of my old messages are saved.

What Is Going On?

So, I've spent about 2 months here just freaking out about the possibility of my favorite band getting back together. You've all seen the evidence, as I have and I just want to know what's going on...

It feels like nobody else is freaking out to this extent and I don't know how you can all stay calm at a time like this ;-;

Carry On, Killjoys. Fill me in on any news that you happen to dig up.