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Frank's Calgary Concert Next Week

I doubt anyone will see this, but is anyone going to the Calgary concert next week?
I need some friends there, because well, not many of my friends understand my obsession with Frank.
Message me if you are.
Bat Revenge (Frankie)

Health and album update

Hey guys

So my album is about ! hour away from being post production the only issue is that this mouth is kind of crazy cause my surgery is scheduled for the end of the month and I have this week off so I have one week to work on it. so hopefully when I'm recovered from surgery I'll start post production
Thanks for reading

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I can receive messages all of the sudden again! And I can see recent blogs from other people! If you can see this, please comment and message me to see if it works!!! Please!!! (PS I saw FOB in concert last night. I have to mention that lovely shit.)


I believe that with the fact that My Chemical Romance is following in the footsteps of Smashing Pumpkins, and they were together for 12 years then broke up for 6 and got back together. My Chemical Romance broke up March 22, 2013 so I believe they may get back together in 2019.

Not saying that it will happen that's just my opinion/ theory.

My story.

It started a month ago. I had my ipod on shuffle. MCR burst through the speakers. I pressed skip. Soon I found my self pressing skip more and more often. I would choose to blast Hannah Montana's greatest hits over welcome to the black parade. That night I found myself staring at the ceiling, my ears filled with the sweet sound of iggy izaleas ratchet rhymes. I turned my head and my eyes met those of Gerard Way. My heart flooded with guilt. Why? Why? Why didn't I love him anymore? His paper smile was soul less, and no longer made my labia quiver as it had many times in the past.