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Computer's Broken + Answers

Hey guys. The good news today was that I was feeling well enough to go to school, so I don't have to make any work up. The bad news was that when I came home from school, my computer had crashed, which has happened frequently these past two years, but I could always fix it. Today, we tried everything we could think of, and it just won't start up again. I'm just really sad because I had a lot of stuff on there that wasn't backed up. The same thing happened like two years ago, and they weren't able to retrieve anything from the old harddrive, so I'll probably lose everything again this time.

horrible day.....feeling so much hate and anger

im not sure how to feel at the moment
my day was terrible, so many tears and sadness
headache and im pretty sure i wont sleep tonight

feeling so much hate, but i keep saying to others around me that im fine....actually im feeling terrible

but well

talking to myself in the dark about the past

i've just had a terribly unproductive weekend (and Monday, seeing as I couldn't get out of bed for lack of interest in whatever the day had to offer). i've spent this free time (that i may have now overused) to talk to myself in the comforting darkness of bedroom and soft lights of the street outside. i talked about a girl i like. or that i may have been in love with, once.
examining my feelings has not really proved productive though. i'm just hurt by how hurt i was the whole time i was in contact with her.


Hello,I'm new here.I'm happy to be in this community... I feel like I'm the only one from Italy, is there someone else from Italy?...Have a nice day
((sorry for my english))

Hey guys!

Hi I'm in history right now lol

I haven't blogged in a while. I love you all! <3

~Killjoys, make some noise~