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Hey everyone

i was curious if anyone wanted to rp on kik with any ships

kik - Perfectlybroke

Hello internet!!

So i just signed up for this website and I think i just want to write fan fiction on this blog. But I'm going to tell you about me today. I am 13 years old, I live in Michigan and will go to 8th grade in the fall. The emo trinity is my life among other bands. I hope people actually see this. Until next time!


Hai guys so I haven't posted in a while and I have loads to tell you so this might end up being more than one blog

Saturday 12 in the afternoon-midnight: It was Sarah's boyfriend jays jacuzzi party and BBQ party for his birthday at the weekend and I agreed to go into town with Sarah to get his present and superman card (Inside joke)
We eventually bumped into L.Q and M.B who were also off to Jays after town so we decided to hang around with those two and all go to jays together.

Get to know you

Hi :)

A lot of you are new and I don't know what most of you like so I will ask some questions :)
-Do you like to watch youtube?
-Do you like DHMIS?
-Which other bands besides MCR you like?
-Fave food?

And I can't think of more hehe :)

Thank You MCR Video

Hey guys! So I'm working on a video right now for MCR. Basically, all I'm doing is I put in a lot of different and special MCR moments in a video and am reading messages out loud, sent from people from the MCRmy (I know that is a very cheesy name, sorry!).

So I don't know if I had told you guys about this but you can send in your message right now! You can send one as a general message to the band or else you can just send one to each of them as in a short message for Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray! Or else you can do both which is what most of us generally did.