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A passive aggressive letter to my mother.

who are you to tell me I am lazy and am not trying hard enough.
I have earned almost 9 credits in less than 2 semesters. I am graduating this year and going to college next year. I don't care if I should have graduated 3 years ago.
I work a really shitty job, doing 35+ hours a week making far far less than minimum wage because trying to get my education and paying for my own things so you don't have to, so it's less hard on you.
You do not work. you have not worked in almost 20yrs, I doubt you even finished high school yourself, and I know you didn't go to college.

Congratz Mikey!

I'm a little late, I know. I have been really obsessed with a drawing I'm working on, but hey?!
Congratz dude! really hope the two of you are going to be really happy together.
cheers! :)


omg i had no idea until i came on here. mikeys getting married. congrats mikey. i hope your happy together.


Mikey's Getting Married?

Seriously, I had no idea. I just got on here like five minutes ago and the whole fan base was blowing up about it. Well, congrats to Mikey!
So Long, But Most Likely Not Goodnight,