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It's been a very long and I'm going to make this quick because it's fucking 6am on Sunday technically and I have school tomorrow. (Sometimes technology does not help.) Anyway, just updates. My mcr book still isn't here. Some whole thing happened with the person who sent it and yeah. Marching band is going well and so is school. And that's it. Alright, don't be a stranger and watch out for the morning enemy.

- xoxo J

Dyed My Armpit Hair/body hair rant

hey guys
so I don't shave my legs or my armpits. My armpit hair has been getting long (about 1.25 inches long) so today I bleached my armpit hair, which didn't hurt at all (surprisingly), and dyed it Manic Panic's atomic turquoise! I love it so much, not shaving is considered unconventional and I just unconventiolized my unconventional :)
And I'll try to make this quick, but I just wanted to mention why I don't shave. There's many reasons so I will compose a list
- shaving takes time and is annoying
- guys don't shave body hair and that's no big deal so why the fuck should I feel obligated to

New york

im going to travel to ny very soon, in september

already have been there 7 years ago O.o

sooo...any suggestions for cool places which i might havent visited yet? you can write me every place you know...also the popular one to which i might have been...i may have missed one^^

oh and cool record stores would be cool


Thought spark

I've been sitting here for a good ten minutes trying to come up with something to say but I've got nothing. Actually I do never mind. So recently one of my friends told me how they aren't happy even though they seem happy. They are always sad, but they put on an act for the people around them. But I've known them for a while and they've never said anything like this, and they are always laughing or telling jokes. That is they've never said anything like this until I said something similar about two weeks ago.

It's been awhile...and I still don't know what to say ;)

Hey all!

Well, it was really nice to read up on the latest entries. Not that it's nice that you have any troubles, but...well, I've just been on an emotional roller coaster myself as of late, (actually, I've been on a literal roller coaster recently too) and well, it's just comforting to be around others who understand. :)

I AM here because I'm just reaching out. idk i really can't bring myself to form any real thoughts about specifics though.

well, maybe just that age certainly doesn't mean everything. I mean, we still grow, even as adults.