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A & A Wedding Video (Preview)

Film Recorded and Edited - Nik Shafie
Music Covered - Sid Haven
Original Music Composed - Pachelbel

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Stay beautiful!


So I know I do not post a lot on here (I used to tho) but ok... First of all I hope all of you are having a good day.
Well... first of all I hate living with anxiety, sometimes I really feel completely alone when probably I am not, I hate to start feeling that I am not important.

Favorite Things

Just thought I'd list them out because why not?

-The strum of a guitar
-Fogged windows
-Old cars
-Staying up late
-The way the lights come on before a concert
-Singing when you are alone
-Getting to know someone
-Doing art
-Learning a new instrument

memorial day

Well happy memorial day everyone.

Take the time to remember the fallen and have a great day.

I went swimming today and had BBQ chicken for dinner. I'm still a little hungry.

Breakfast Ramble

Hey guys,
how are you? I haven't been online in a while. But here I am now!
At Spencer's it was buy 3 get 4 free for gauged earrings, so I took that deal! one of them are plugs with the bisexual symbol on them. Wearing that one now.
Eating breakfast. Maybe I'll start blogging while I do meals, it's a good distraction.
Have any of you heard The Curse Of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For? I love it!!1 very pop punk