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Cibulkova receiving net,Li Na went to the net and volley ball! Li Na 30-0 Li Na 2-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
Li Na running back the ball out for a corner!!! Li Na 40-30 Li Na 5-0 <a href="">Fake oakleys</a> Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
Li Na return <a href="">Cheap Jordan Shoes</a> to recover the body,Cibulkova ball hanging net! Li Na 40-40 Li Na 0-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
When Peng Shuai returned,Li Na Serving Bureau into a stalemate,once sent one one break points,but her resolve,and shouted "come 78931826

Serena Williams VS Ivanovic (Rod Larvor stadium second not earlier than 19 days morning nine thirty)
Li Na heart!!!! It beat <a href="">cheap jordans Shoes</a> diagonal!! Li Na 40-40 Cibulkova Li Na 6-5 Cibulkova
Cibulkova is shoot out! Li Na got the set points! Li Na A-40 Cibulkova Li <a href="">fake oakleys</a> Na 6-5 Cibulkova
Nineteen fifteen last night,Li Na farewell ceremony was held in the stadium in the diamond,this is a major event in the world of tennis,tennis because of a great era is coming to 69454592

Caroline Wozniacki also sincerely wish to open a new chapter in life to Li Na,"I'm sure she is looking forward to the coming of life,by Li Na won this year's Australian Open champion after the sentence:"her husband very lucky. "" (the end)
Take a break,Peng Shuai has teamed up with Xie Shuwei,tournament women's doubles <a href="">Cheap Jordans</a> top seedidentity in doubles first round,against Ella Covic and santoja. Results in the first set 4:5 behind,Peng Shuai and Xie Shuwei suddenly announced to retire. 80123537

Duus Tov ATP tour singles rankings than Wu Zedillo,and height and arm length,strength have obvious advantages,especially forehand perilous. The first set,Wu Di opponents mobilize around,struggling to cope,too many mistakes,Duus Tov has made two break,and soon won the first set 6:1.
Li Na serves worth!! The bureau! Li Na 40-30 Li <a href="">Michael Kors sale</a> Na 4-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
In the fifth,Li Na successfully break,leading 3-2. In this game,Li Na's <a href=" 85148257

Li Na wrote in his autobiography,was to cure his father,mother,debt ridden,she had to win poweris to earn meager bonus to send the creditor. And soon,through their own efforts,for the mother to pay off the debt. This means that Li Na not only money but also through investment,get a good income.