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Soul Searching ?...

For some time now been feeling lost in dark abyss of uncertainty: Who am I? What am I doing?
State of mind. Stuck. Alone. Couldn't seem to move forward.
Finally. Found balance to stand back on my feet. Forgiveness. Gratitude.
But slowly, one step at a time, I will tread through this darkness hoping to find the light.

If anyone actually reads this maybe could give some insight or help lol :

If anyone knows of some ideas or have experiences that helped you get out of the rut and would like too share.
AND anyone who knows how to make friends lol maybe some tips or just tips to not be so awkward.


So right now I am listening to the first MCR song and I'm going all the way to the end. Every song. This day is gonna be great

boring update

class at 12, it's about 10 now.
parents got me a bracelet with a charm that said "FUED", or fuck you eating disorder. I like it a lot.
Lola, my dog is so funny. I don't know why but she's just so funny
spray painted some of my overalls;. i make stencils sometimes so i stenciled a black recovery symbol onto my denim overalls and a green vagina on my white overalls. looks awesome!
did not sleep well last night. had a lot of energy and couldn't fall asleep.
that's all i have to say for now i think.


Hey sorry I haven't been on all weekend I worked literally non stop. I'm so exhausted I'm at school right now and right after school. I didn't get off till 2 A.M saturday just to be back at 9 A.M. At this point I realize I have no life anymore...