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I AM Here to Start a Rumour.

So, there is this vidz of gerard with his digital wifey with a this fucking song that i really, really love called "beautiful girls" by sean kingston. And the video is actually factually full of cute notes about how much they love each other. It tells a very cunning story of a cupidus love.
I have been blogging on tumblr and, unfortunately for gerard, he is often the object of my Personal attacks.
So today I posted that video again with that beautiful song and as Im posting it, I see in the rumoury section, Gerard and Linz ARE OVER!!! or something to that effect.
So Im like,

The Invasion -.-

... My pet spider has already disappeared jesus christ

Today's Fun Fact

More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss...

The Invasion

... I'm starting to become clueless as to why spiders are invading my room. This isn't okay. Within the past 24 hours I've seen five spiders and killed three. One of those is now inhabiting my room as it is literally one of the cutest specimens ever, and the other one that is currently still living at the moment is hiding somewhere. I tried to kill it about 10 minutes ago, and this attempt proved unsuccessful as it was the kind of spider that adores landing on you as you're trying to murder it.... I'm very disappointed in myself.

freaking out on the inside

i just found out my mom has a tumor on her kidney...... im not okay... im really not.... we dont know if its cancerous or not yet but cancer runs in her side of the family. ive alreay had an aunt and uncle die from it....... i really dont know what im going to do if it is...... as not so close and as many ups and downs as weve had in my life i cant lose my mom not yet.......

please just keep me in your thoughts while we're facing this