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Have you ever had one of them days where you wake up like super depressed? Yup that was today... I keep telling myself "stay single and it will stop you from getting hurt" but sometimes waves hit you pulling you into a sea of loneliness. Nowhere to go, No one to call to. Just isolated in what once was a sea of dreams, that slowly pulls you apart by the seems. I was there drifting more and more into my mind losing myself over time. As I sat there earlier alone against a tree headphones in drowning out the world while I was drowning myself in thoughts. I felt a small tug.

Life and stuff

Hi :) how's everyone today? good?great

I have been feeling kinda down again, but well idk. I have distanced my self from my friends and i know that's wrong, but idk sometimes it feels like they just got bored of me...?
Anyway, I have been reading A clockwork orange, and I'm really liking it, although is kinda difficult to read :b
I want it to be halloween already


Friends and Auditions

Hey Fellas!
I am very sorry for not Blogging yesterday! But I couldn't. I wrote the blog and I wanted to post it but then it said that the spam is triggered and my blog won't be accepted. Do you know why? I can just write some stuff from yesterday. You remember the sarcastic guy? We were talking a lot yesterday. Then I was listening to my teacher while he sat next to me. Suddenly he put his arm around me. Like a friend. I was happy but I didn't know how to react so I didn't turn around to him. Did I do something wrong? Don't worry! I couldn't ever fall in love with him.


I write short things and I was wondering if you guys would like them this one is call: ON THE LINE

I stayed by your side, I stayed alive, but you were abusive can you tell me where a noose is! They say it's my life gotta take a swing, how do we keep on with this fling?
You told me you loved me, but you didn't mean it. Now I sit with my food but never eaten it. When you met me you were flirten,
but then all you did was leave me hurten..
You hit me, you burnt me, made me feel like I was nothing which led to the cigarettes I was puffin.
I understand you're from the hood, but you have me


Does anyone want to be friends outside of here?

I know the Friend Request and the Messaging doesn't work so I was wondering if anyone would like to be friends on Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? or Email?

If not that's cool we can talk here in the blogs other wise let me know.