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The "dream team" in 2011 July by the Chinese eight ball Joe's hand to create the first brand of Chinese eight ball, occupation of the road open. Wang Yan, Wang Peng and Ma Zhiyu of the threedomestic top players have teamed up to deliver the goods, will be the three race of the season in thenational championship trophy all reverted to the bag.
Luca in Belgrade in July 2nd, held the twenty-fifth World University Games, second games, Chineseteam won two gold medals. The wangjingzhi <a href="">C... Louboutin Sale</a> in the 86922854

Ninth, will be the first full color light toward the lumen, and the 8 ball in the bag, the situation under the Wang Peng show be placed in jeopardy, impatient, patience and opponents, even through theattack with Shou strategy, continue to get on the mobile phone, finally from opponents snatch ascore, leading 6-3. Then, toward the lumen even under the two councils, done in one vigorous effort,chasing the score into 5-6.
Xu Peizhen also cited the example of "young Yin Mingfang, Yin Mingfang is the No. 74882143

Take this season the first two races, currently ranked first in the country of Wu Mengmeng franklyvery much hope that won three championships, and the end of the year "in eight days" the highest honor will also be released, Wu Mengmeng also very eager for this title. But she said each opponent has strong competitiveness, although they hope that they can get, but not to too much, so as not to affect the game.
In an interview after the game, Chen Ruolin said modestly: "although won the championship, but they will continue to work hard." For the first time for this event of the Olympic Stadium

The referee will be two balls were placed in the off line, two players at about the same time the ball and returned to its bottom base after the ball stops closer to the top of the library of the party tovictory over the ball.
A war is the most beautiful "Yundu - Joe" Cup National Chinese eight ball tournaments held in BeijingBeijing Railway Station Yundu billiards club fiery staged a battle, but at the end of the first, from Hunan Wu Ruilan beautiful player show superb skills, the final 7-2 victory over the opponent, the round of 32 strong. But after the game, Wu Ruilan also <a href=" 89191836

Female flowers of the National Fencing Team, Sun Chao lost 38 years old two comeback Xiao Aihua,34 year old Wang Weixin won the comeback heavy male individual gold medal, leaving the national team for Shen Weiwei to play a "Guozihao" Petals drop and waters flow...... After 3 days of fighting,the eleven national games fencing 6 individual events all over, including 3 gold medals won by veteran.
Zhong man also is looking forward to with the Yang brothers before they become, two people had never met. Arrived second days, Zhong and Montano played a game, the Montano 15:13 win.