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It would be so lovely of you guys if you could go check out my cover of Hometown Glory by Adele it would mean the worrrrrld to me ^-^


Today while scrolling thru pinterest, I realized something big, Well while pinning a pic of a drawin of one a Fan of MCR the drawin of Gerard from the video Helena and btw it's a beautiful drawin, So I said to myself Gosh I Love the Devoted Fans, and I'm a fan But turns out that I'M A FAN OF THE FANS!

Going to Jersey

Every Easter my family goes to French town, New Jersey. As some of you may know, the way brothers grew up in Belleville, NJ. I'm hoping I'll be able to hang out in Belleville :) that would be cool.
The really cool thing is that I've gone to NJ every Easter since I was born. I was born 1998. Maybe the way brothers still lived there then... I'm not gonna be too weird though. I'm not gonna find their old house, even though I know the address. I'm gonna try to find the Barnes and Noble that Mikey worked at. And the comic book store that Gee worked at. It's gonna be fun :)
Hope you all are doing


I have the strange feeling that something painful (for me) is about to happen... Id like to think Im just a bit paranoid about it but... Ive never been wrong... And I dont know what to do

Ray's new stuff

Hey guys!

So I (finally) decided to listen to Ray's new stuff -which are only, like two songs- and I'm really excited about it. The song he wrote about Leelah is truly beautiful <3
Does anybody have any news about his debut album - name, upcoming songs, even a release date, maybe?
I can't find anything on google and I'm really curious \0^0/