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I miss You Guys

It has been a long time since you guys stop making music... One las concert please for your fans for all in this world. Make the last one.

The Martian Chronicles

Hi :)
Today I feel like talking about books, and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury is now one of my favourites. It's just the way is written, or all the stories it talks about, but I really liked it, and I thought I wouldn't because is Sci-Fi and I don't like that literary genre a lot, and I read it for school, but I liked it a lot.
Have you read it?

*fangirl moment*

let me just say that Frank, Mikey, Gerard, and Ray are beautiful human beings.
Thank anything and everything that they exist.

it's been a while

i haven't been here since August, oops.
but the community section is back!!! yay

i hope you are all well!! i am not personally, but there's nothing i can really do :)
it's been over 200 days since i last have seen frank and i wish i could relive it , it was such a gr8 experience

here to discus dysphoria and untangle super creepy feelings

this is my 2nd post on this weird ass thing i did for reasons, i'm not completely aware of. i'lll try to make this quasi-interesting and emote to the best of my abilities (but through writing, which is something i've been told i'm fantastic at, but only in relation to non-fiction, which, coincidentally, is what is happening here). my side notes should be archived, i'd argue (sotto voce of course).
to jump right into the gross nitty-grtty, i've had the grand opportunity to flesh my debating skills and information on gender theory, the binary, the spectrum and so on.