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What Is Going On?

So, I've spent about 2 months here just freaking out about the possibility of my favorite band getting back together. You've all seen the evidence, as I have and I just want to know what's going on...

It feels like nobody else is freaking out to this extent and I don't know how you can all stay calm at a time like this ;-;

Carry On, Killjoys. Fill me in on any news that you happen to dig up.

Liaoning fencing team in the country once mighty, ninety Zhao Gang's leading male ThreeMusketeers once famous, but ten games on the Liaoning team in the three finals, but three times by the host Jiangsu team lore. The expedition ten 1, Liaoning team's goals is a gold medal, they havereached the male weight and the men wear team finals, but the final was originally a very promisingwork not completed, won the female individual race also failed to win again. 96020144

"Snooker and Chinese eight ball are all billiards, I like sports, for the vigorous development of sports,has the world's largest population of Chinese eight ball, I have more responsibility and obligation to promote, this is a wish for billiards lovers; if we can use my fame for the promotion of Chinese eight ball to do something, is a great honor for me," Hendry said.
Fourteenth, energy-saving <a href="">fake oakleys cheap</a> get started, precise shot into a few library attached to far after the ballbilliards, light.

Qingdao 18, trainee reporter Li Xiang reported a fencing match will take a long time? 9 minutes?Fault; 3 minutes? Wrong. The correct answer is: 15 seconds. In the Eleventh National Women's Epee Individual match 1/8 finals, Shanghai contestant Tan Lijin took 15 seconds to win.
Wuhan is the fashion night billiards club "Yundu - Joe's Cup" the 2011 national Chinese eight balltournaments (Beijing Railway Station) Wuhan night fashion men's qualifying will enter a new climax,the third match day late, Chinese eight ball star "dream team" will be unveiled to all players andspectators, to Wuhan give

In the finals, many players have the difficulty coefficient 3.7 109C (forward somersault tuck), but the"margin of the combination" still "steady lured", adhere to the 207B.
The morning of November 12th, Yun Du - opening ceremony of Joe's Cup 2011 national Chinese eight ball tournaments in the <a href="">michael kors online outlet</a> Beijing Railway Station is located in the city of Beijing Guangshun South Street cloud billiards club held Du, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese eight ball ranking tournament organizing committee,