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lost my glasses

spent the night drinking.... went overboard for the first time in a year but im unhappy i lost my glasses :(

Disenchanted (Live Demo)

Is it just me or at the end of Disenchanted at 3:38 you can hear a different MCR song filtered in?
Cant quite make out what song it is but that could be due to my old ears lol
What do you guys think? Does not sound familiar..
Maybe its just me wanting more MCR!!!

The Black Parade Is Dead!

Any collectors out there that knows anything about this? I bought it when it was released back in I guess 2007? I don't know which of the deathmasks I own. But I'm planning on selling this box, and wondered how much I should start with as in the lowest it could be worth. :)

Thanksful for answers!

MCRX, Frankiero Andthe Patience, and more

Hello everyone. I'm french so I don't speak english very well. I'm sorry about that.
I really discovered MCR one year ago... The 22 march... Yes, I suck. But, when I was younger (I'm not gonna say a young boy. No. Too much pain.) like... idk, 8 or 7 years old, I had already listen some songs from this band. Since I'm a child I just love rock and, since I really have discovered MCR I feel.. just, better. MCR saved me. I mean, I have never listen songs with lyrics like this, the music is just amazing.


Okay, so i've had a shitty week. I'm failing math, I have a sore throat, and a stuffy nose, i'm practically dead. I've had a lot of disagreements with people lately...Its not going to well. I could hardly sleep last night because of my anxiety about a test I took today (which I failed...) So yeah. It was about 11 last night I was crying and I couldnt keep myself together. SO! Then i started thinking about mcr and all the stuff happening...and then out of no where I REMEMBERED! MCRX!