Danger Days--Part 60!

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Danger Days--Part 60!

Zone Specter:

When Party disappears into the room, I start shelling out as fast as I can at the Dracs. I’m about to turn back early but then I see something that makes my blood run cold.
I scream in pure fright and rage when I see him. He walks out of the elevator, the sleaziest smirk on his face, eyes still deep and fathomless as they were before I’d killed him—deeper and darker even.
I know I’m pale and shaking as I scream out, “I killed you!”
He doesn’t even answer, he just tilts his head at me, then bolts forward and before I know what’s really happening, he’s got his hand around my throat and I’m pinned up against the wall. He’s got me dangling above the ground, and I can’t breath, I’ve already dropped my gun, using my hands now to try and pull myself up so that I can breath.
“My, how we’ve both changed Miss Way,” Mr. Vamp purrs, pressing his hand tighter around my neck.
He’s alive, I don’t know how but he’s back, and he’s out for my blood.
“I will tell you someday how I came to survive that brutal blow,” he says, face flickering with bloodlust, “But for now…”
He lifts his gun right for my head…but I see through the black dots that spot my vision that the safety isn’t even off—he’s gonna pistol whip me, bludgeon me to death like I thought I did to him. I’m too weak and dizzy to do anything but try and stare him down before he kills me.
Then there’s a flash of light that hits him in the shoulder, and he lets go of me as he starts howling in pain. I fall to the ground, doubled over on the floor, gasping for air trying to pull myself together fast before Vamp can get at me again. My vision is still dotted with those black spots and I’m still gasping, but I still search for my gun—any gun—while the other clutches my throat to keep it from ripping apart from the intense breathing.
“You worthless mound of slime!” I hear Vamp yell, I can’t see, but I’m guessing that’s directed at whoever shot him. I feel the familiar dusty metal of my gun brush my finger tips, but then I feel someone’s heel slam down on them. There’s that same sickening crack I heard when I hit Vamp in the head, I scream in my pain as I hear Vamp hiss, “I don’t think so.”
“Get away from her!”
Vamp yells out again and the weight lets up on my hand, I use that time to pull my hand back, grabbing the gun I felt before, and go reeling backwards, only to hit my head hard against the floor. My vision starts to fade even more now, but I see a blur of red and then feel someone’s arms reach under me and pick me up.
The bouncing around as someone carries me out of there doesn’t help at all to clear up my vision, or make the dizziness go away. I start blacking out then and start blubbering and crying like some freakin’ baby as the sounds of shouting and shooting become fainter, and everything grows darker and more distant.
I think we’ve reached the garage now, because what little I can hear has a slight echo to it now, and there’s the light smell of fumes. I’m nearly out by the time I feel someone pull me into the car and there’s the faintest of voices I hear before I go under once again…
“Specter! Oh God Specter please be alive!”

Jen—Dune Hunter:
Moving and more moving…when will it stop? I miss Specter and I miss my mom too…what’s gonna happen to us? I just want to go home.

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