Danger Days--Part 54

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Danger Days--Part 54

Party Poison—Gerard:

Specter was taking way too long to get the water, so I sent Frank to go make sure she was alright, I didn’t want to do it myself though because I didn’t want to have to tell her that I was taking her back to her grandpa’s. I’d left her behind and treated her like crap, I didn’t want to tell her I was leaving her behind again without some backup.
But Frank’s taking a long time now too, I’m about to go in there myself when I see them come out. Frank looks pretty worried, and Specter looks like she’s gonna be sick, that’s what sends a flag off in my head—something can’t be right.
“Change of plans,” Frank says, his voice sounds strained though, like he’s expecting something.
“What do you mean?” Mikey says getting up from his seat on the hood of the car.
“I need to find my sister,” Specter says quickly, not looking at me.
“The other kid from the diner, she’s not back in Zone 5 with Dr. D?” Mikey says coming over to stand next to me in front of her.
“She and I were captured together, but Mrs. Grim had her taken somewhere else from me,” Specter says, getting really pale. “And I want to find her before I go find my mom,” She says weakly, finally looking up at me with nervous eyes.
“Wait, you’re not talking about going off on your own to find them are you?” I say getting worried about her plans.
“No, Ghoul already told me that it’d be a suicide mission for me to go off on my own,” she says looking back at Frank.
“You can call us by are real names when we’re not around other people, but I still don’t feel comfortable with ‘Uncle’,” Mikey says, trying to make her feel more at ease.
She gives a weak smile, “Thanks, but what I’m saying is, I need help, so I’m asking if you guys will help me find them, since I’m just a kid and don’t really know how to track someone.”
“No,” I say getting serious, “I’m not letting come with us, this is dangerous business and I don’t want you getting hurt.”
“I need to find them though,” she says getting desperate.
“I’ll find your mom, then I come back and try and find your sister,” I say trying to keep her calm.
“I know where she is, so you need me for that,” she cuts in, getting frustrated.
“Then tell me,” I say, getting a little peeved too.
“No, I need to keep my promise,” she says, voice rising.
“You’ll keep it, I just—” I try to explain to her but she cuts me off.
“No! I promised I wouldn’t let Jen get hurt, and if she comes back before I find her then I’ll have to explain to her that I broke another promise—that I let the BLI take her baby away, and I can’t deal with the fact that I let her down!” she yells, on the brink of tears and face set in anger.
“A rule you follow out here is never make promises you know you can’t keep,” I shout back, regretting it the second I say it.
She looks at me with so much rage, then murmurs, “You don’t understand, you’ve been alone for so long, you don’t remember what it feels like to care for something.”
That sets me off, “I care, but tell me what makes the kid so special that you want to get her first?!”
“Because she’s the only hope me and my mom have left in this hell of a world!” she screams (and I’m a little shocked she did). “She’s our constant reminder that we can still be happy, and that we want to make a better life for her,” she’s calming down, but she’s still mad at me, and I’m still pretty pissed with her too. She stares me down as she makes it final, “Jen first, then my mother.”
I clench my jaw, but give in, “Fine,” I mutter. I turn on my heel and climb into the driver’s seat, and I hear Frank tell her to get in too.
Mikey and Frank get into the back, and Specter takes the farthest seat from me, not bothering to look at me. She just turns her head away and glowers out the window. Jesus, just when I was getting used to the kid.

(Somewhere north of Battery City in Zone 1)

Jen—Dune Hunter:

I watch the desert pass by me from the van windows for two days, not eating much except a can of Power Pup they tossed back to me yesterday. I almost think they’ll never stop, ‘til we finally reach another facility on the third day after we left the facility where Specter escaped from, not knowing I was there too.
It’s like all the other facilities I’ve seen: big, dim, and gloomy, nothing seems to change with these places. I’m looking out the window at the facility when the back door opens up and before I can turn to see what they’re gonna do to me, someone grabs the back of my hair and pulls. I scream and move in the direction I’m being pulled in, hoping that my following it’ll stop.
I get dragged out of the van, still by my hair, and when I’m out they jam the end of a gun right between my shoulders. They shove me and I start moving forward, the walk me up to the door where they stop me, and have me turn around to face a road. I look and see that there’s a dust cloud in the distance, coming straight for us, and I suddenly start to think that it might be Specter, coming to save me.
But of course I let my hopes get too high, so they fall even harder when I see that it’s not the Trans, but a sleek black Drac car. It pulls up in front of us at the door, and when the doors open up, Mrs. Grim steps out from one side, and a very tall and pale guy steps out from the other side.
“I see you made it here safely,” Mrs. Grim says, smiling coldly at me.
I just glower at her, not saying anything, she frowns when I don’t say anything in response, but regains herself as she slams her door shut.
She walks over to me and grabs my face and turns my head so that I face the tall guy, “This is Mr. Korse Long, he was working with me on your sister’s development case.”
Mr. Korse Long, the name sounds familiar, but I can’t figure out where I’ve heard it before, but I don’t have much time to think about it before Mrs. Grim pushes my face away.
“Send her to the bottom cell,” she says flatly.
As the Draculoids pull me away, I hear her say something to that Mr. Long guy, “Hunt the them down and bring her back, if this method is not affective in drawing him in, then we’ll take them both back and have him come to us.”

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