Danger Days--(part 14)

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Danger Days--(part 14)

“I don’t know, maybe the note says something about them,” she says shoving the guns back into the compartment. “Is there a light in here?”
“Yeah, I think so.”
“Can you turn it on please.”
“Sure Jen,” I lift my hand up to the front of the car to see if I can find a light there or something, I feel my fingers brush something hard and plastic, I press down and here a click, then the front seat fills up with a weak light. “That work?”
“It says just a bunch of stuff about how to work the car and what all the buttons do,” Jen says as she skims down the grubby piece of paper. “Here, it says to go to Zone 1 Gas Station, and then the whole thing about finding Cherri Cola, it also says she’ll take us to…grandpa!” she turns to me when she reads that last word, ‘grandpa’.
“Yeah, turns out that Killjoy that always brought mom CDs was actually her dad, hence our grandpa,” I say feeling a little sheepish for having to tell her about unknown family now.
“Really? Isn’t he also the one that brought you your player?” she says looking at me with big eyes.
“Yep, but go on, what else does the note say, I gotta start driving, but keep readin’ anyway,” I tell her turning back to the wheel.
I take a deep breathe and gently put pressure on the gas pedal, the right pedal like mom said. The car moves slowly forward and I’m driving the car, I can’t help but smile since the BLI has a strict learn to drive from them at age eighteen. I make the car go a little faster because it’s hard driving through the sand, and weaving the Trans through the rocks. After a little distance though, the sand ends and so do the rocks, so I go even faster.
“Okay, mom said to keep headin’ south once we found the car, then to turn west once we reached a highway,” I say to Jen to see if that’s what she remembers too.
“Yep, and the letter just goes on saying about how we’ll be raised like the Killjoys we were meant to be—”
“Read it word for word please Jen,” I tell her, I chance to look up at that moment at the dashboard, only to notice there’s a compass on it, pointing south—well that’s gonna be a big help.
“Okay, it says: ‘Cherri Cola will help you, just tell her that you’re Dangerous Soul’s kids, she may be surprised, and if she asks for proof, say that she spilled the cherry cola on the studio machine and I her the name Cherri Cola. By the way, you two may want to come up with your own Killjoy names, after all, a good Killjoy never gives away their true name. When you get Cherri on your side, tell her to take you to Dr. Death Defying, that he’s going to be taking care of you two from now on. Don’t tell her anything if something bad has caused this parting, I don’t want her worrying. Grandpa and the rest of the Killjoys will become your family, and they will raise you into the Killjoys you were always meant to be in this world. Never forget that I love you both, and that I’ll do everything I can to get away and back to you, if I can’t, know it’s not your fault, you were both in danger and had to get away. Goodbye my babies, keep it beautiful and stay ugly.’”
I hear Jen sniffle, and I know she’s crying, so am I. I glance back to the compass, and it still says we’re driving south, I hope we get to the highway soon and find this Cherri Cola chick so she can help us get to Grandpa D. From there, he’s gonna teach me enough ‘til I can go back and get mom.
“‘S alright Jen, we’ll see her again, I promise, ‘til then, we have each other,” I say reaching my arm out to take Jen’s hand.
“To the end,” she replies taking my hand.

We drive for maybe an hour or more, not sure, the Trans doesn’t have a clock in the radio, which I’m afraid to turn on in case someone hears it, that and Jen fell asleep a while ago. I’ve gotten pretty used to driving the car now, keeping it on cruise most of the time. I also had Jen read the rest of the instructions on how to drive the car once she calmed down a bit from reading mom’s note. Only thing I really needed to know from it was what the other letters on the dashboard meant, N: neutral, not in gear, R: reverse, and that’s about it. Anyway, it’s probably late, and I’m starting to get tired.
By now I’ve realized that the dashboard’s other little symbols have lights so you can see them at night, so it’s giving off this weird greenish-blue glow in the car that makes my eyes seem even heavier, I probably look like some pissed off phantom or something.
Mom always said that was my neutral look, I don’t mean to show emotion but it just looks like I’m permanently irritated, she also told me dad used to look like that, at first I thought she meant dad, now I guess it means my dad looked like that since I can’t ever remember dad looking cross at any time.
I’m seriously considering pulling over so I can get some sleep when I suddenly jolt up in the air from going over a major bump. I slam on the brakes, which just sends me and Jen jolting forward instead, I’m sure she’s awake now, and thank god we put our seat belts on too.
“Wad ‘appen?” Jen says all groggy like as she rubs her chest where the belt strained to keep her from flying through the windshield.
“Apparently keeping the headlights off was a bit of a stupid idea on my part,” I say back, and it was, I didn’t want to give ourselves away so I kept the lights turned off. Fat good that did us.
“Well what’d we hit that made us jump?” she asks next.
“I don’t know, let me turn on the lights,” I say as press the button that floods the space in front of us with the headlights glow. “There’s nothing in front of us, I’ll back up to see if whatever it was is back there.” I shift the car in reverse and slowly back up the Trans. There’s a light thud as I hit something again, dear god I hope it’s not a body or anything! As we back up a little more, I see that it’s not a body, or any other living thing for that matter, it’s—
“The highway!” Jen gasps leaning forward to look at the old and cracked road that must be the highway mom told us about.
“Well, we head west from here Jen, ‘til we reach Zone 1’s station,” I say checking the compass, still facing south, so that means a right turn outta get us on the right track. I switch back over to drive, and just as I’m about to turn I feel a little shock go through my arm. I wince, but not much, obviously the band’s gonna go off randomly until I get someone to get it off…I hope mom’s right about the Killjoys being able to take it off.
“Go back to sleep Jen, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take until we reach Cherri’s place, and we’re gonna have a long day ahead of us,” I say trying to act normal, I don’t want her finding out that the band’s still active, and giving off stronger charges.

About another hour goes by before I can’t stand the sleepiness anymore. Only reason why I haven’t fallen asleep whilst driving, is because the band’s been going off every ten or fifteen minutes and keeping awake to an extent. I finally decide to pull the car off the road and behind a big rock to prevent from being spotted. I still don’t feel safe with the headlights on, so I slow down a bit and squint trying to find a decent rock to hide the Trans behind. It’s really hard trying to find the details given the little lighting the moon’s giving off, but I manage to find a good hiding spot.
I can’t tell what it’s shape is exactly due to lighting and my grogginess, but it’s huge and will have to do for tonight. I pull over and park so that the car won’t be seen from the road, once that’s done, I turn off the car and put the keys on my belt loop. I tilt the seat back as far as it’ll go, and get some much deserved sleep after my day outta hell.

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