Apocalypse: Part 6

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Apocalypse: Part 6

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4 Years Later-1997
"Lynzie," I whispered as loud as I dared. "Lynzie you there?"
"Hey Gee," Iris said opening up the window.
I jumped back in surprise, "Sorry Iri, didn't mean to wake you up."
"Forgot me and Lynzie share a room now?" Iris smirked.
"Kinda," I said.
"One sec lover boy," Iris laughed before turning away.
I heard her whisper for Lynzie to wake up, and the creaking noise of Lynzie getting outta bed. I counted to five and then was blessed with the sight of Lynzie's beautiful face.
"Happy Birthday Lynzie," I smiled.
"Thanks babe," Lynzie grinned.
She carefully climbed out the window and I caught her in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. Her kiss sent a wave of warmth and happiness through me like it always did, and I pulled her closer, wanting more of her.
"Get a room," Iris laughed.
Lynzie pulled away then, "Be back before we have to leave."
"You better," Iris said, "I don't wanna have to cover up for you two lover birds today."
"Thanks Iri," I say pulling Lynzie towards the back gate.
We walk out into the field and I wrap my arm around Lynize's waist as we walk for the hut.
"So today's the day?" I ask.
"Yep," Lynzie beamed.
"So this baby's really all the way from Michigan?" I say.
"Yeah," Lynzie sighed, "His mother was deported to Mexico, but since he was born in America they put the baby in foster care."
"What about the rest of his family?" I mumble.
"His mother was the only family he had," she said sadly.
"Well I think it's pretty cool, your family adopting that baby," I say.
"I can't wait to see him, we're gonna video chat with his mom so she can see him one last time," Lynzie said.
"So what's his name?" I say as we reach the hut.
"Julian," Lynzie said as she settled down in my lap, "But the doctors said it was pronounced with an ‘h' sound, as in: 'who-lee-on'."
"Right, Spanish pronunciation," I say.
"Yep, but my mom said we're gonna stick with the English pronunciation," Lynzie said.
"Why?" I say.
"Something about it sounding weird saying the name like that I think," Lynzie said resting her head on my shoulder.
We sit in silence then, watching the sunrise like always, soaking up the early morning rays and enjoying the closeness of the other. Just as the last bit of the sun is reaching over the horizon, I burry my face in Lynzie's neck.
I gently kiss her neck and whisper, "Happy Birthday love."
She turned her head and suddenly her lips were against mine again. With no one to watch or ruin the moment, we stayed locked in the kiss for quite awhile until Lynzie pulled away again.
"I need to get home," she groaned.
"I'll be over later for the party," I smile.
"But I won't get to be alone with you," she whined.
"Your dad's been making sure of that since the day we told him we were going out," I laugh.
"At least he approves of you," she smiles.
"True," I say as I sweep Lynzie up into my arms bridal-style.
"Oh my god Gerard, put me down," Lynzie giggles.
"Why ever would I want to do that?" I say as I start walking.
"I mean it Gee put me down," Lynzie laughs.
"What will you do if I do put you down?" I say.
"I'll give you whatever you ask for," Lynzie said in a low whisper.
"You know very well what I want then?" I smirk.
Suddenly Lynzie shifts and our lips collide and I lose my balance. Lynzie screams a little as we fall, but I wrap my arms around her so she stays on top of me. When we hit the ground I Lynzie looks at me worriedly.
"Oh my god, are you alright Gee?" she asks franticly.
"I'm fine," I smile.
"Don't you lie to me Gerard Arthur Way," she says sternly.
"I mean it I'm alright," I laugh.
And I am. No one every seemed to believe me when I said I was alright when normally any other person would be in pain. The only people that seemed to believe me were mom and Grandma Elena.
"Well if you're alright I guess you don't need a kiss to make it better," Lynzie grins.
"You know on second thought, I do believe I'm a little winded," I say, feigning a few coughs.
Lynzie smiles her cute smile and gives me a quick kiss before get off me and helping me back on my feet. I grab her arms and pull them behind me so she gets closer to me and kiss her nose quickly before carefully pulling her to my side. We walk back to her gate and just as I'm about to kiss her on the cheek, Iris comes out the gate and starts pulling Lynzie away.
"C'mon!" she says, "We gotta go pick up Ju-Ju!"
"Alright I'm coming," Lynzie laughs. She turns back to me shrugging her shoulders, "I'll see you at the party?"
"Of course," I smile.
I look after her even after the gate closes and I hear the sounds of them climbing back through the window. As I start to walk for my gate I hear the sounds of the gate opening behind me and when I turn, I'm surprised with Lynzie kissing me on the cheek.
"I love you," she whispered, then ran back through her gate.
We'd been dating almost four years, and still every time she said those three words it felt like the first time: exhilarating, magical, elating, surprising, and downright wonderful.
I smile to myself as I walk back through my gate and climb back through my window to go get ready for work and to wake Mikey up for school.

"Alright, be back to pick you guys up for the party alright?" I say as Mikey, Frank, and Emily climbed out of my old car.
"Got it," they all say.
"So are we gonna give Lynzie that demo?" Mikey asked looking through the window.
"Yeah, Ray's gonna bring the final copy in today to show me," I say.
"Great, see ya Gee," he says with a wave.
"See ya Mikes," I say putting my car in gear.
I watched them through my rearview mirror as I drove away for the music shop where I worked with Ray. I saw someone shove Mikey and Emily rush to help him keep his balance, saw the slight blush he made at Emily's touch, the girl who still didn't know that my little brother was in love with her.
I sigh, knowing I can't help him, that all I can do is hope he'll make it out of there alright…and not do the same stupid stuff I did. I turn around and start heading for town.

I pull in behind the music shop next to Ray's old bike Lou got him as a graduation gift last year. I turn off the car and grab my nametag from the dash as I climb out of the car. As I make my way towards the back entrance I fish out my employee keys from my pocket and before I can unlock the door…
"'Bout time you got here!" says Ray as he bursts through the door.
"I had to drop off the others," I said defensively.
"Whatever, c'mon I wanna show you the demo," he says pulling me inside.
He barely gives me enough time to hand up my coat on the hanger just inside the door before he starts dragging me through the storage area. He pulls me through the old beaded curtain the owner had set up to hide the sight of the back from the customers up front. It leads out right behind the counter and Ray finally lets go of me so I take the opportunity to put on my name tag.
"Alright listen to this," he says as he puts a CD in the stereo under the counter that plays music through the store.
He presses play and suddenly I hear my voice and the others playing start blaring through the speakers.
"This is Demolition Lovers right?" I ask looking up at the speakers in the ceiling.
"Yep," he says grinning. "What do you think?"
"Brilliant," I smile looking back to him, "You did bring a second copy to give to Lynzie right?"
"Cool your jets lover boy I've got it right here," Ray smirks picking up a paper envelope from the counter.
"What are we gonna call it?" I ask.
"Maybe we can ask Mikey or Em, they're pretty good with coming up with names for stuff," Ray says shrugging his shoulders.
"I still can't believe Mikey got the name for the band while working in the bookstore," I laugh, putting the CD under the counter.
"My Chemical Romance, ya gotta admit it's a kick ass name," Ray says disappearing behind the curtain.
"I'm gonna go open up alright," I call back as I hop over the counter.
"When you do get back here and help with inventory," Ray calls from the back.
"I gotta watch the front!" I shout back.
"Whatever," he laughs. "So Lynzie's not gonna be here today?"
"Nah, she's going with her family to pick up the baby they adopted," I say as I flip the sign to open.
"The baby that had his mom deported?" he asks.
"Yep," I say as I change the track on the CD to a song we called Headfirst for Halos.
"So will we all get to see this kid they're adopting at the party?" Ray asked.
"He's part of the reason why we're having the party," I say. "Lynzie said she didn't mind a joint party so they said they'd get him today," I say as I settle into the seat behind the counter.
"So when should they be back?" Ray said coming up front.
"They went to go pick up Lucinda and Julian at the airport this morning," I say.
"Is that the baby's name?" Ray asks sitting up on the counter top.
"Yep, Iri's already got a nickname for him," I laugh.
"Story name or an actual nickname?" Ray asks.
"She calls him 'JuJu'," I say, "But I'm positive by the end of the week he'll have a story name."
"Steve may not pay attention much but he sure can come up with a good story," Ray said.
"Yeah, I miss those old stories he used to tell us," I say.
"Doesn't he still tell them to Iri?" Ray asked.
"I think so," I say.
"He still calling her Sensational Vibe?" Ray grins.
"She still has me call her Vibe half the time," I laugh.
"And Lynzie still got hers?"
"Dangerous Soul?" I say.
"Yep," Ray says as the bell to the front door rings.
"What was it he used to call you in the stories?" I ask as Ray took off for the back.
"I think it was some plane that was always late," Ray said from the back, "Jet Star maybe?"
"I remember Mikey asking to be called Kobra Kid with a 'K'," I laugh.
"And Frank wanted to be Fun Ghoul 'cause he was born on Halloween," Ray laughed, "Or as he and Michi call it, Ieroween."
I sit there giggling like mad as the customer just stares at me like I'm some idiot.

Around three me and Ray start to pack up for home while some high school kids show up to take the later shift. I grab the CD for Lynzie and tell the teenagers that they can listen to the other CD in the stereo if they like. As me and Ray leave I hear the kids say how cool the tracks are and then turn up the volume to blaring hights.
"Put it on the tally," Ray whispered, "We have officially two fans of My Chemical Romance!" he says holding up two fingers.
"Eh don't leave Em outta the tally," I say as we walk out into the back.
"Right, Iri and Michi too," Ray says pulling on his helmet.
"That's five," I grin.
"Your girlfriend makes six," Ray smirks.
"And yours will make seven when you get one," I say.
"I'll get a girlfriend when I find the right girl," Ray says, "By the way, who are things going with Emily and Mikey?"
"Still blushes like a fool around her," I say starting my car up.
"He's gotta admit it sooner or later," Ray shouts over the blaring sounds of our rides.
"I'm gonna see if I can get him to tell her at the party later," I say putting the car in gear.
"Hey see if you can get him to come up with a name for the demo while you're at it," Ray says as I pull out of there.
"Right, I gotta go pick 'em up, see ya later man," I say, waving my hand out the window.
"See ya Gee," Ray calls after me.
I drive back to the high school to pick up Mikey, Frank and Em just as the bell's releasing them for the day. I wait in the pick up lane for a few minutes before I see Frank charging towards my car with a big grin, Mikey walking after him looking worried. That sends off a red flag to me.
"Alright, we got an hour to go get Michi and get home and get ready for the party," I say as Frank and Mikey climb in.
"Right," Mikey mumbled.
"You alright man?" I ask.
"Em got picked up early," Frank said.
"What for?" I ask pulling out.
"She didn't say," Frank said looking at Mikey worriedly.
"She looked upset," Mikey mumbled, "Like something was hurting her."
"Alright lover boy you can ask her about it at the party," I say turning the corner for the junior high.
"She told me she wouldn't be coming, had to do something," Frank said scooting over for the oncoming passenger.
"Did she say why?" Mikey asked.
"Sorry Toaster Boy, no reason was given," Frank said buckling up.
"Well you can always call or go talk to her afterwards," I say unlocking the doors.
"Hi Frankie!" Michi smiled opening up the door.
"Hey Michi," Frank said.
"It's Neon Venom today," Michi said.
"Oh lord, Steve's telling a story today," Frank said looking up.
"You know it!" Michi grinned, "The tales of Venom and Vibe continue! In their next adventure they shall discover a baby hidden away in a warehouse! Will they keep him or leave him on the doorstep of a caring rebel couple? Who knows? Only Dr. Death Defying can tell," she says in her commentator impersonation.
"He gonna be telling this story at the party?" I ask.
"Yep, it's gonna be JuJu's first story so we wanted to make it special by having everyone else there," Michi grinned.
"Em's not gonna be there," Mikey mumbled.
"Why not?" Michi asked sounding sad.
"She didn't say," Mikey sighed.
"You'll get to see her later, don't worry about it," I say giving him a light punch in the shoulder while I kept my eyes on the road.
"Hope so," Mikey mumbled.

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