Apocalypse: Part 27

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Apocalypse: Part 27

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Lynzie-Dangerous Soul
"Mommy! Mommy! Look what I can do!"
He was so beautiful. He looked so much like his father, and full of so much life as I watched him play around in the field behind our houses. He skipped and cartwheeled to his little heart's content, totally happy with our life here. I continued to watch my son as he started to run out further into the field…a little too far.
"Wait, sweetie wait for me!" I kept calling after my little boy, but he didn't seem to hear me.
I started to run after him, but it seemed as though that the more I ran the farther he seemed to go from my reach.
"I'm gonna go find daddy!" he called back.
"Daddy's not out here!" I called back. "Come back! He's not out here!"
"Daddy's in the desert!" he squealed with his little laughter.
That's when I started realizing that we weren't in the field of my old home anymore. We were running through sand, through the dry, dead lands of the desert.
"Come back! It's not safe!" I cried out, worried that a Drac might pop outta no where at any moment. "Sweetie come back, daddy's not out here!"
"Yes he is mommy, he's over there!" he giggled pointing ahead.
Just ahead, I could see something in the distance, but I wasn't sure what it was exactly. But whatever it was, that's what my baby was running to, what he was leading me to.
"Stop! Come back!" I kept screaming, trying with all my might to run faster and catch up to him.
"Can't catch me mommy!" he chirpped in a little sing-song voice.
We were getting closer and closer to what I could now see was some tall figure, standing on top of this weird mound of something. Coming closer and closer, I suddenly saw what we were running to…and what that figure was really standing on.
"Daddy?" my little asked, coming to a stop finally.
I stopped too, a ways behind my son, who stood before a tall pale man that had no hair. He reminded me of a vampire for some reason, standing firm and looking deadly. But it was what he was standing on that made my blood run cold. He stood atop the bodies of all my friends and family, I could see their faces, all blank and devoid of any sign that they were alive. And to make matters worse, he held Gerard in a headlock, a raygun pointed to his head.
"Run sport, get away from here!" he shouted at our son.
"Daddy?" he whispered sounding scared now.
"Go to mommy, run and don't stop, if I fall, don't look back, just keep going," Gerard pleaded, trying to get the little angel to understand.
"Daddy!" he cried out.
"Bury me," Gerard whispered, not looking at his son, but straight at me. "Bury me, and fade to black."
"That's quite enough," the mysterious man smirked, then, without hesitation, he shot Gerard in the head.
"Sweetie get over here now!" I screamed.
He heard me this time, and turned and started running to me, trying to escape the man that'd just killed his father before him. He ran to me not just from my order, but to follow the last words of his father, to run, and never look back on his fallen father.
"Leaving so soon?" that wretched man said.
Then he raised his gun once more, aiming it right for my little baby.
"No!" I screamed, and I began to race for my son, to reach him before it came. "Hurry sweetie, come to mommy!"
"Mommy!" he wailed, holding out his arms to make a reach for me.
I reached out for him too, wanting to pull him to me quickly and shield him from what was coming.
"So long, and good ridance," the man chortled.
I started running faster, my heart ready to burst as I made a lunge for my son, and he made a leap for me.
There was a flash of light just as he jumped into my arms, limp and cold as ice.

"Lynzie! Lynzie wake up please!"
My eyes flew open, and I bolted up in the bed, nearly colliding heads with whoever had been trying to wake me up. As I sat there panting and covered in a cold sweat, I turned and noticed that it had been Gerard trying to wake me up.
"Lynzie? Are you alright?" he said, taking a hold of my shoulders.
Looking at him, with that genuine concern and love for me in his expression. And that's when I broke down.
Burrying my head in his chest, I let all the tears come and held on tight as the horrors of that dream rained down on me with a vengence.
"It was so real!" I sobbed. "Everything, he killed everyone, he killed our friends, our families, he killed you!"
"It's alright, I'm here Lynzie, it was all just a bad dream," he whispered softly into my hair, rocking me gently in his arms.
"You told me to run, to never look back, and then he killed-"
I stopped, I'd almost said, "And he killed our son", but I couldn't say that. He didn't even know I was carrying our child yet.
"Who killed who Lynzie?" he said pulling me away to look at me. "Did someone in your dream kill you?"
I was choking from too many sobs, so I just nodded in my reply-thank god he came up with the cover for me.
"It's alright, I promise, I won't let anyone hurt you Lynzie-never," Gerard whispered, pulling me close again.
"It was all so real," I whimpered.
"It wasn't, it was just a dream," he whispered.
"It was a nightmare."
At that moment is when we both heard the light, but rapid knocking from the door.
"Gerard? Is Lynzie up?" came the muffled sounds of someone's voice.
"Stay here," he whispered to me before letting me go and getting up.
He walked over to the door and opened it up a little to look out at whoever was out in the hall. He exchanged a few words with them before nodding and quickly shutting the door and coming back over to me.
"That was Em," he said sitting down on the edge of my cot. "She came to tell me that someone radioed about that doctor."
"What did they say?" I asked, wiping away some of the tears from my cheeks.
"The one who was supposed to come got caught up with something in Zone 4 I think," he muttered. "But he had his assistant I guess, call saying that he'll be coming instead."
"How soon?" I mumbled.
"Tonight," he smiled.
"That soon?" I asked sitting up some at this news.
"Yeah, but late, so he won't be able to check you out 'til the morning," he grumbled.
"So long as it's soon," I sighed, relaxing back into the pillows.
Gerard laughed at me a little, and took my hand, "The sooner the better."

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