A message for all my fellow Ladyjoys...

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A message for all my fellow Ladyjoys...

So I was cleaning the floors today, moving some stuff around, and I decided that my ex-boyfriend was a dick. The amount of catharsis that that epiphany provided me was immense.

However, this blog post is not about me. It's about all you girls out there still fighting the good fight out here in the desert.

There us an unfair and crushing expectation in our society, even nowadays, for us ladies to be pleasing to a man. Of course, the type of man we are supposed to please is the type that creates, and buys into, all of the crippling, dehumanizing social standards women are forced to live by... the beauty myth, the anti-slut pressures, a whole myriad of things society just loves to pile on us. Our entire value is measured, not only by the sum of our body parts, but by whether or not we have a man on our arm.

And on top of any and everything else that we go through-- other social pressures, possibly bullying, career trouble-- it's no wonder that even the strongest of us collapse sometimes. It all gets to be too much to handle.

My message for today is merely this: fuck society. It's perfectly okay to want and seek love-- hell, I still want it, though I'm not currently looking-- but being with someone just to be with someone will only hurt you both in the long run. Forcing yourself to be someone you're not just to find someone will crush you. I don't care who you are or whether or not I know you... you are strong and beautiful, no matter what. You don't need anybody else to tell you that... it's staring right at you every time you stand in front of a mirror. You are good enough, you are worthy, and you can have anything you want. It doesn't happen in an instant-- it takes perseverance and hard work, but it's all worth it in the end. All you need is you and your heart.

Chase your dreams. Fight for your future. And should you decide to find a companion to travel with, like with anybody else, be sure they love you for who you are, and don't try to mold you into a cookie-cutter cutie. Be sure that they truly love you, because you deserve nothing less.

Keep fighting, ladies. And toss a television out of your hotel windows for me. This one's for you. <3

xoxo Tric