MCRmy Indiana-- Roll Call!

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MCRmy Indiana-- Roll Call!

The purpose of this blog: I will be leaving my hometown of New York City at the end of this month. I was unfortunately never able to meet any of the Killjoys who live in my area (I've met some people who live here via Twitter, but I never actually got to meet them in person). I am being relocated, by force, to the city of Indianapolis. My mom thinks I will be able to make friends there. I severely doubt this, as I had found very few people of alternate interests there when I last visited (I found maybe two rockers and nobody else, not even comic book/anime geeks); however, I do have some hope, as I found out via the message boards that at least one member of the MCRmy lives in Indianapolis. Therefore, there must be more of us out there.

As such, partially for fun, partially to make me feel better, and partially so I can maybe get a head start on this whole "friends" thing (especially since my social anxiety is starting to get a little better-- not entirely, but just a little), I have a mission for you guys.

If anyone reading this blog is from Indianapolis (or anywhere in Indiana, really), leave a comment on this blog. You may also message me if you so choose, but I only need you to comment. It will make me feel a lot better about moving.

Stay shiny, Killjoys, and remember to keep your guns close.

xoxo Electric Rose