I'm done with this

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I'm done with this

I have now officially lost my girlfriend.

Over what? Over the fact that I wanted to make friends.

Looking for friends apparently means that I'm cheating. Not wanting to burden her any further with my problems means she's not good enough for me.

Because of that, now I'm a slut, and I can just let my "friends" (yes, she actually used sarcasm-quotes) "put up" with me (sarcasm-quotes are mine here).

Why the fuck do I bother trying to take care of people? I never get anything out of it.

Fuck love. I'm done for good. From now on, Electric Rose is on her own.

At least this one had the decency to piss me off first. Now I'm too mad to commit suicide.

I'm just gonna watch The Boondock Saints cause I've never seen it before and quietly wish that I was 19 and that this band had been this close to fruition and that my only lover was the drums, which can't hurt me.

Sorry if I depressed anyone. Carry on, Killjoys.

xoxo Tric