Cast Off the Crutch That Kills the Pain... (Bands That Inspire Me Volume 4: Billy Talent)

Yes, I am aware that that is the wrong song. I took the title from Red Flag. Sue me. :p
Anyway, I thought it'd be a good idea to get this series started up again... especially due to the fact that I have had very little good to say lately. xD Anyway, let's get on with this!

It was actually my ex that got me into this band when we were still together. I was pretty much obsessed with them the minute I heard Viking Death March. That is what is so inspiring to me about this band: they clearly aren't wearing their blinders when it comes to what is going on in this world. Where so many other people just watch the world go to waste, these guys seem to want to rally people and inspire them to do something about it. They're not afraid to say, "hey, there's still a lot of shit going on in the world that shouldn't be, and somebody needs to damn well do something about it. That somebody should be the people... us." For much the same reasons as Drive A (who will be discussed in another blog) Billy Talent have touched me. I agree with their message, and I believe in what they say. I think they do too.

Okay, that paragraph got kinda mushy. xD You guys know the drill... listen, and either like 'em or don't. Just as long as you don't bash. :p

Carry on, Killjoys.

xoxo Electric Rose