Bands that inspire me, Volume 1: Awaken the Empire

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Bands that inspire me, Volume 1: Awaken the Empire

So today, I've decided to talk about other bands that inspire me in some way. I know some of you haven't really gotten over the breakup of MCR... hell, I still haven't... but I've learned the hard way that the best way to get over something is to move on, so while I'm not saying any of these bands will replace MCR, I hope that at least they'll help you to cope somehow. :)

So, first band in this series is... Awaken the Empire!

Awaken the Empire are a very follow-your-dreams oriented band. All the members-- especially Damien Lawson, the singer-- believe that you should do whatever it takes to reach your dreams. Their lyrics are fairly expressive of this as well.

However, last summer, this band did something that both broke my heart and inspired me at the same time, proving they weren't just talking shit...
They cancelled part of their tour.

You see, last summer, they were guests on Eyes Set To Kill's Show Your True Colors tour. However, just before a show in Texas, the band's van was stolen as they were resting at a Denny's. They were able to play the show with borrowed equipment, but didn't have enough money to get through the rest of the tour. So what did they do?

They made their way back home to LA. They cancelled the next two weeks of shows (one of which was mine :'(). They spent that time collecting donations. Once they had enough, they bought new gear and got right back on tour. They didn't let the disaster stop them from touring.

This is why this band inspires me... if they have that kind of resilience in the face of a huge disaster like that, then surely I'm strong enough to survive the shit I go through and chase my own dream. I think we're all strong enough.

Whether you enjoyed the story or not, or took anything from it, the music just plain kicks ass, so check them out!

xoxo Electric Rose