does ur mom say this to u?

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does ur mom say this to u?

ok me and my mom can and can't get along at the same time.
but since she is the year of the snake she can say cruel things

ok i'm used to this "you can't do anything right!!!" top it off she said it to me today when i couldn't find something.

but i hate hate when she said this to me

" Why can't u be more like her?!?! (like all girly, wears dresses, and ect. about girly things)

to me this was the most cruelest thing she said this to me
"Why can't u be gorgeous like ur sister tawny ( she lost 40 or 30 pounds and she had a makeups and a dress too)" luckily my sister saved me and said "mommy! she gorgeous!! (thanks tawny!!)" when ever my mom said those things i don't say anything and on one does either.

and the 2sd most cruelest thing she said to is this:
"all u do is give me a headache!! that all u do!! u and ur sister always give me a headache!" ok. i'm not a bad annoy kid. i'm a type of kid who just grew up to fast ( thanks army....... i just love how u do that to me..)

but at the end i always love her. she my mom so of course i have to love her..

I'm out