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You should be a mime,
Because you proved to her
That actions speak louder than words
When you met her that day on the train.

You should be a motivational speaker,
Because you made her feel beautiful
When she felt ugly and worthless
Thanks to the words of her judging world.

You should be an actor,
Because you made her believe every lie
And every word you never meant
Thanks to your sparkling mask eyes.

You should be a magician,
Because you turned her invisible,
Because you split her in half,
Because you used her in all your acts.

You're only a heart breaker,
Because you left her behind
Thinking you could find someone better
Only to find that dreams aren't reality.

You try to come back.

Back with your mime hands,
Back with motivational messages,
But she sees your actor eyes
And your magician lies.

Now she's become a mime,
Because she pushes you away
Moving towards someone else without a word.
You think she's become a complete stranger.

She only became the person she saw you as.