Lost In Time Ch. 12

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Lost In Time Ch. 12

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Lost In Time
Chapter Twelve

"How wonderful life is while you're in the world." We sang, and once again the silence returned.
Charlie looked at me, and I was exposed to the simple fact that we both were sitting closer than ever on the piano bench. I could feel his breath on my cheek, and quickly realized that he was getting closer.
I shot up, "Snickerdoodles are ready. Wanna grab some?"
Charlie's shoulders dropped, "Yeah. Then we should probably get studying for our math test coming up."
I led the way into Charlie's kitchen, where the cookies had cooled and Charlie's mom had moved them onto a platter. Charlie grabbed the platter, "We're probably going to need all of them." And then rushed to his room. I grabbed my bag from the counter, and followed.

When I got home that night I ran straight to my room and closed the door behind me. I didn't even turn on the light. I just let the darkness surround me as I crawled into my blanket. Then I stared at the ceiling, and suddenly realized something.
"Of course, stupid." I whispered, as if I was a different person talking to myself, "He likes you."
At that moment, I began something I don't like to find myself doing. Contemplating how I felt about a guy. Especially at night, when I want to sleep but once I start I just can't close my eyes and let myself rest. The thought of my best friend kept coming back. And maybe it wasn't so bad.
I got up and dug out my cell phone from under my bed. I never even use the thing, I prefer face to face. I blew some dust off the screen and pressed a random button to light it up. I unlocked it and looked at the time. I had only been trying to sleep for half an hour. Charlie was definitely awake.
I called him, "Hey, let me take you to Starbucks tomorrow morning."
"What? Why?" He asked.
"For a birthday treat." I hung up.
The next morning, I got up extra early and took a long shower. I wanted to just stand there forever, but I knew I had a day ahead of me. I shaved for once, and after i got out and dried off, put on lotion. I pulled out a dress my mom bought for a me while ago, but I've never worn. It was orange and kind of just looked like a really long, loose tank top. I thought it looked like too little so I pulled some lace tights under it.
I brushed my teeth and put on some mascara. I wasn't used to wearing mascara, so it felt kind of weird. I let my hair do it's own thing, as usual. Looking at the clock, I only had ten minutes until I had to go get Charlie. I pulled out my black lace-up boots I never use and shoved my feet inside.
I ran downstairs and grabbed my wallet and the keys to my mom's truck. She told me she'd let me use it only when I had a good reason. I figured my best friend's birthday was good enough. Almost forgetting it was also a school day, I pulled my bag from the countertop and stuck my wallet in one of the pockets on the inside.
When I got to Charlie's house, I got out and ran. Right before my finger reached the doorbell Charlie answered the door. In his hands were a note, and he handed it to me.
"Promise you won't open it until five years from now." He said, looking down at our feet. He looked at me, "You look great."
I smiled, "So do you."
I took in his outfit, with his worn black Vans and jeans that (thank goodness) don't sag like most boys. He had on a blue button down with the sleeves rolled up.
"Let's go, birthday boy. You need food and I want to get to school on time."