Lost In Time

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Lost In Time

I swear, YOU GUYS HATE ME. :( I understand, I can't stand myself, either............................. :'(

Lost In Time
Chapter One

I was sitting on the couch with my best friend, Charlie. He had invited me over to watch a couple Harry Potter movies. He was always such a nerd.
The Prisoner Of Azkaban finished and Charlie's face lit up. He adjusted his glasses, "There's something I want to show you, Jade." He grinned.
Charlie led me to his basement, and turned on the light. There was a little machine on a small wooden table. He walked over to it and waved me over.
"I've figured out how to time travel."
I couldn't help but snicker. He turned away and just started working on it, ignoring me.
"No, Charlie, I didn't mean it like that. I'm actually really interested on how this works. Could you explain it?"
He looked at me with a smile, "Well, you see, this is the main machine. The date and time is kept on it, and if you use this," He pulled out a watch, "This is for the travelling part. We press this button," He pointed to a button on the machine, "And the time on it will freeze. We set the date and place we want to go to on this watch, and press the little green button. To go back, all we have to do is press the orange button, and we come back to the moment right before we pressed the button on the machine."
I nodded and took a good look at the machine. It seemed pretty good, but I was unsure.
"Does it work?"
"Of course it works, Jade, I tested it just yesterday."
"Wait- you already used it without me?"
"Why? Would you want to use it?"
"Of course I would! You know I've always dreamed of time travel, Charlie!"
He smiled, "I hoped you would say that. Well, what moment in time do you want to go back to?"
"The 1500's. Italy." I've always wanted to meet Da Vinci.
With that, he pressed a few buttons and we were off.

What it looked like while we went back in time was amazing. We were sucked into a vortex, and we saw images of the environment as we went further back in time. It was definitely comparable to rewinding a movie.
Soon enough we landed in Italy, in 1504.

Lost In Time
Chapter Two

I smiled at Charlie. He knew I really wanted this. I would always talk to him about how much I loved, and looked up to, Leonardo Da Vinci.
I looked down at my clothes, and at what charlie was wearing. Peasant clothes. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed Charlie's hand. I skipped him along the dirt road, and i saw a woman. I clammy went up to her, "Pardon me, madam. Would you happen to know Mr. Da Vinci's whereabouts?" I smiled.
"Why, I just saw him go for a tea!" She smiled back.
"Would you be so kind as to point the way?"
"Of course, my dear. He's just around the corner!" She motioned.
"Thank you, madam. You are very kind-hearted!" I skipped off, Charlie following behind.
I moved quickly down the road, and there he was. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. I smiled, and started shaking like crazy. Ever since I was little, I would shake like crazy whenever I was excited.
That's how I met Charlie. When I was six, ten years ago, I was shaking because I was going on my first field trip ever. Charlie was in my class, and he asked me what was wrong with me. After that, we would always joke about it. We soon became the best friends we are, now.
I calmed myself, and took a deep breath. I dropped Charlie's hand, and skipped over.
"I beg your pardon, but are you Mr. Da Vinci?"
He looked up from his tea, and gave me a smile, "Why yes, dear. May I ask what your name is?"
"I'm Jade."
"'Jade.' What a beautiful name!"
I blushed, "Why thank you, Mr. Da Vinci! How very kind of you! Well, I must be going now. Mum will kill my and my," I looked at Charlie, "Brother if we're late for supper again! It was a pleasure meeting you." I once again grabbed Charlie's hand and skipped off.
He stopped, and pulled me to a stop.
"What is it, Charlie?"
"Why didn't you stay? We have all the time you could ever dream, and you didn't stay to spend time with the man!"
"I want to do so much, Charlie! You're right. We have all the time I could ever dream. Why not enjoy what we missed?" I smiled brightly.
"Fine," He laughed, "Where to, next?"
"The 70's, of course!"
He laughed and fiddled around with his watch. We soon landed in 1976, Los Angeles. I was now wearing a small long-sleeve dress, which I tugged at uncomfortably. Charlie was dressed in the typical men's clothing from the 70's, like something you'd see on 'That 70's Show.' We were standing in line to get into some disco club.
Once we were in, I ventured off. There was a boy who looked about my age, and I walked up to him.
"Hey, my name's Jade." I smiled.
"I'm David." He smiled back.
"Would you like to dance?" I asked, for some reason I didn't feel like myself. I was usually scared, but for some reason I feel more open. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was time traveling for the first time?
"Um, I literally just met you three seconds ago." He chuckled.
I shrugged, and pulled him onto the dance floor.
We were dancing, having a good time, getting to know each other. Somebody tapped my shoulder.
"Jade." Charlie whispered.
"What?" I snapped.
"We should go."
"Why? We have all the time in the world!"
"If you get a connection to somebody, " He coughed, "You won't want to go later on."
"Fine. Bye, David! It was really nice meeting you!" I waved as Charlie grabbed my hand and dragged me away.
We went outside and behind the club. Charlie messed with his watch, and we were leaving before I knew it. Time to face reality.

Lost In Time
Chapter Three

I didn't like the idea of going to back into the real world, but I knew I had to. I sat in English with my friend, Dani. We were writing fictional stories, and I was telling her about yesterday. She was one of the few people I could trust.
Dani's eyes lit up once I started talking about David. She scooted closer, and went into a whisper, "Do you like him?"
I pushed her away, "I don't know. I mean I only met him yesterday!"
"Don't you believe in love at first sight?" Here we go again. I rolled my eyes as she went on with her fantasies, "Maybe it's meant to be! I mean, there's a little time period difference, but does that really matter? This must be fate. I mean, you wouldn't have met him if none of that happened! Maybe it's meant for you to live in the 70's... with him!"
"Dani!" I stopped her, "What part do you not get when I said 'I met him yesterday!'?"
"it doesn't matter! People meet 'the one' all the time! MAYBE YOU DID!" She squealed. This must be why I hang out with people like Charlie.
Dani went on and on about this, making me regret ever bringing it up. Even after class ended, and I was heading to Art. She bugged me still, even though her class was at the other end of the school.
For the rest of the day, whenever she could, Dani kept bugging me about this. I eventually got away from her by avoiding riding the bus home.
Nice job, Jade. Now you have to walk a mile to get home. Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm free of Dani's romantic clutches!
I pulled out a bracelet. The bracelet David gave me last night. I needed to go back.
I ran full-speed towards Charlie's house. Once I got there, I had lost my breath. I took a second to get it back, and then gave the doorbell a ring. His mother answered, "Jade? You know Charlie's at-"
"I know he's not home. I think I left something in the basement yesterday when I was over. Do you mind if I go looking for it?"
"Of course, Jade! Come on in." She smiled and let me in.
I went down to the basement and there it was. The way to David. I picked up the watch, and pressed the button on the machine. I put in the date for about a week after the night I met David. Back to Los Angeles, we go!

I landed near a diner. Thank god I wasn't in that dress, anymore. Although, I still looked like a whore in my hot pants. I tugged at them, and noticed David was in the diner. I took a deep breath, and walked in.
"Jade!" David exclaimed, he rushed over and pulled me into a hug.
"Hi, David!"
"Where have you been? I walked all over town looking for you!"
"Oh, well, I wasn't in town. Sorry I didn't tell you!"
"It's okay. I just really need someone to talk to." He said, softly.
"Well, do you want to go somewhere less public?"
"I know just the place." He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the diner.
We walked around until eventually we reached a creek. It sparkled in the sunlight, surrounded by the healthy green grass. That was something I've never seen, as the present I lived in didn't have that too often. I liked it here, it was always so peaceful.
We sat by the creek, our fingers intertwined.
"What was it you were upset about?" I asked, trying to act casual.
I could see how he was hurt, as he looked up, as if he was begging God for help, "My friend, Gabriel, killed himself."
"Oh, David, I'm so sorry. That must feel terrible."
"It really is. He was my best friend since I was six. We were so close… and now he's gone. It feels terrible once you lose one of the only people who ever understood you. Who accepted you, and stuck by you no matter what. I'm thinking about joining him, now."
"David, some people will stay, others will move on. Was anybody ever mean to him?"
"Yeah, the whole school was basically his bully."
"He's in a happier place. Gabriel's probably up there, smiling down on you. He's hoping you can do this. It's your choice to either make a difference, or give in to the world. Gabriel's hoping you don't give in, hoping you find who you want to be. There's so much you can do. You may not see what I see, but what I see is a brave, strong, young man. One who can do whatever he sets his mind to, and won't let any crap get in his way."
"Thanks, Jade. That really brightens my day." He smiled.
I smiled back, and relaxed. I laid my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. I closed my eyes, letting myself drift off.

Lost In Time
Chapter Four

"Why would you just leave, Jade? I thought I could trust you more than that!" Charlie had found out that I left without him.
"One: David needed me. Two: Why do you even care? Shouldn't you trust me?"
"I know you well enough that you can easily screw thing up! Besides, why would David need you?"
"His friend committed suicide, and David needed someone to make him feel better. Can you imagine losing your best friend of ten years?" I pointed to myself.
Charlie muttered something under his breathe.
"What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing." He mumbled, and walked away. I rolled my eyes.
Things weren't too good between us later on. We were always fighting, until the point where we couldn't stand hearing each other's voice. One day, things just went terrible, and I decided to leave.
I was going to live with David.
"You got everything packed?" I could hear how annoyed Charlie was.
"I think so." I responded, rummaging through my bag.
"You know what to do?"
"Destroy the watch as soon as I'm there."
"Right, and take this, too." He handed me our photo album and a small box.
I shoved them in the bag, "Thanks." I smiled.
I grabbed the watch and pressed the button on the machine. I put in the information, and was soon off. Away, for what may be forever.
I landed back at the spot next to the creek, with David. I told him some lies about where I was from, and that I needed a place to stay. He offered to let me live with him and his family, and I accepted. I smashed the watch. I went to high school with him, and we were together more than before. We eventually grew up and moved out together.
I was going through my things to see what I needed and what I could get rid of. I came across the photo album Charlie had given me years before. I flipped through our many memories together.
The ups and downs we had, the times we stuck together no matter what. I had been through this photo album many times before, because Charlie and I would flip through it when we got bored. There was something new in it, though.
There was a note.

"Dear Jade,
I'm sorry. I should've realized that you love David, but I couldn't stand the thought. You've been my best friend for ten years, and I want you to know a something. I love you, and I always have.
Once you are gone, I will feel mournful. I will have to move on, though. You love David, and I'm going to have to accept that. Once again, I am sorry for letting my jealousy come between us.
With all my heart,

My eyes burned, and my stomach knotted.
"Jade? You ready?" David asked me.
"Yeah." I muttered, shoving the photo album into my bag.
There was no way out of this. I left, and that's final. I know I will find it hard to forgive myself, though. I was lost in time, and never going back.

Lost In Time
Chapter Five

Marriage. I've always wanted to get married, but I never knew who I would marry. I guess my question was answered when David proposed.
I've never felt worse wearing a white dress. I stared at my reflection, trying to explain to myself what was happening at this very moment. I moved in with David. He proposed. We're getting married. It felt like something was missing, but I couldn't figure it out.
A giant lump formed in my throat as Charlie came to mind. If I could only see him once more, I would make things right. I loved David, but I wanted Charlie to still be my friend. I swallowed the lump, only to find my eyes water.
My friend, Gladys, walked in. Despite her name meaning 'lame' in Latin, she was certainly not lame.
"Hey, Jade!" She greeted me with a bright smile. That smile quickly faded once she saw my expression, "Is something wrong?" She swiftly grabbed the nearest tissue box, and quickly wiped the tears from my eyes.
"Nothing, just, tears of happiness." I lied, faking a smile.
"Aw, I'm happy for you, Jen." She smiled back, "You're getting married today." She reminded me, tossing a tissue into the wastebasket. "This isn't a dream, either, Jen. It's as real as it gets." She put the tissues back, and left the room.
I stared at my reflection. This was reality, and nothing could change. I couldn't go back to Charlie, because there was no way back. Heck, he's probably forgotten about me by now. I took a deep breathe. If he could move on, so could I.
I stepped into my heels, instantly making me lose balance. I reached for the nearest wall to stop me from falling. I heard a knock on the door.
"Come in!" I said, still trying to gain back my balance.
A strong pair of hands grabbed my waist, helping my steadily on to my feet. I turned around, shocked to see who it was.

Lost In Time
Chapter Six

"Why do you need to go to college?" David asked me.
"Obviously for an education." I smirked, pointing out the obvious.
"You don't need to go, I have a good paying job as a teacher."
"Well, what's stopping me from being a teacher? Listen, I'm already starting next week, so you might as well let it go."
David rolled his eyes and left to the groceries.
The next week I started college, and already had to write an essay. Charlie was letting me use his computer, so I was over at his apartment.
"So, when's this due?" Charlie asked.
"Tomorrow morning, at ten." I quickly responded, hurrying to get it finished. "Thanks for letting me use your computer."
"Not a problem." He smiled.
"Just out of curiosity, do you have the watch you used to get here?"
He got up and pulled a watch out of a drawer, "Right here."
"Let's just say we decide to go back, where would we be?"
"Back when we were eighteen." He simply responded.
"Oh, my," My mind shot back at my essay, "I hope this is good." I said as I printed it.
"Don't sweat it," Charlie shrugged, "I'm sure it's fine."
I rolled my eyes and walked over to Charlie's fridge. I pulled out a couple beers, tossing one to Charlie.
"Are you sure you should be drinking? That essay's due tomorrow morning."
"Oh, calm down, Charlie. It's not like I'm going to drink every fucking beer in your fridge."
I don't remember what happened next. All I know was there were bright lights all around me, or at least it seemed like it. Pain soared throughout my body, and I screamed, but no sound came. I then realized what was going on. The fire, the steering wheel, my fucked up decision to drink. I was in a car accident.
I saw a body get carried away, and some men came to carry me. Once I was up, a sharp pain filled my neck. I relaxed into the pain, letting it take over. I closed my eyes, hoping all of this was just another nightmare. That I would wake up, and David would be right there to comfort me.
Unfortunately, some things are real.

Lost In Time
Chapter Seven

I woke up in a white room, laying on a bed. Something thick and uncomfortable was wrapped around my neck. I reached up to find a neck brace.
Charlie walked in, "Hey, Jade. You doing okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
He sat next to me, "You drank every fucking beer in my fridge."
"Didn't I say i wouldn't do that? Charlie, you really need to stop me after I've had just one."
"You punched me in the face." He pointed out a bruise next to his eye.
"Oh, Charlie, I'm so sorry!"
"It's fine, really."
"Hey, where's David?"
"Mourning. He won't go anywhere or do anything - at all."
"Well, then I have to see him."
"Can't. Doctor said you gotta rest."
"You know what? I'll rest at home, with David. Who said I had to rest in a hospital?"
"The doctor."
"The doctor is stupid and doesn't know my life."
After hours of arguing with the doctor, we finally got out of the hospital. The drive to my apartment was awkward and silent. Once we got there, though, I couldn't believe it.
There was an ambulance, sirens… what was happening? I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't. The window was opens, and David's bloody body laid on the ground below. I rushed out of the car, and saw the puddle of blood around my husband's head. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out.
I turned to Charlie, "We're fixing this."
"We're going back and fixing this! Come on… we're going to you're place."
We ran to Charlie's apartment, even though it wasn't necessary. Once there, I raided the drawer for his watch. I put in to go back to the night I was drinking, but nothing happened. I tried again, and still nothing.
"What the fuck is wrong with this?"
"Let me see," Charlie grabbed the watch from me, "Hm… Must be out of battery."
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I shouted. I ran out and towards my apartment. Charlie followed.
"Why can't we just BUY some batteries?"
"Charlie, you know I'm the most impatient person ever." I responded as I opened the door to the messy apartment.
I grabbed a pocket knife from the counter, and ran over to a lamp.
"What are you doing?" Charlie asked.
I slit into the cord connecting the lamp to the wall. "Getting the watch to work. You know what to do."
Charlie rolled his eyes, and put the watch on the torn power cord, filling it with power. Please work.
I was in a strange, dark place. Charlie looked at me, "Smooth move, Jade. We're all dead now." He smirked.
"Well, I didn't-" I got cut off by seeing my hand disappear. "What the heck?!"
"Oh, I get it, so YOU get to live through everything. While me, David, and that man you got in a car crash with all die."
"Charlie, I don't want to live without you!"
His expression softened, "What?"
I woke up, releasing a blood curdling scream.
"Well, at least we know her voice wasn't affected." One doctor joked.
I looked to my left, where Charlie was. "Is he going to wake up?" I asked, scared.
"I'm afraid not, sweetie. We did all we can, but we couldn't save him."
"THAT'S NOT ALL YOU CAN!" I got up on my knees, screaming at the doctor in front of me.
"I'm sorry, sweetie."
A nurse injected something into my arm.
"WHAT THE-" My legs fell weak, and the world around me faded as my body relaxed.

Lost In Time
Chapter Eight

I woke up in a strange, dim room. Everything was filthy, even the bed I laid on. Across the room was a younger girl who looked to be about fifteen. She was sharpening what looked to be a piece of glass.
"Where am I?"
"You don't know?" The girl smirked, "A mental institution. I'm Mary, by the way." She stated, dragging the glass down her wrist, the blood dripping onto her bare feet.
Charlie was next to me, staring at my face, like an idiot. I reached out to place my hand on his shoulder, but he just disappeared. I sighed as my hand dropped down next to me.
"Charlie." I mumbled under my breath.
"Schizophrenia?" Mary asked me.
"Do you have schizophrenia? Is that why you're here?"
"No… He's real… or at least he used to be." I let out a sigh. Mary rolled her eyes and left.
I couldn't sleep that night, I woke up every hour. I needed a way to relax. I got up, and went to the bathroom. I turned on the dim light, and closed the door. I looked at my reflection, and shoved my hand down my throat.
My gag reflex took over, and I leaned over the toilet. Blood spilled from my throat, while my neck filled with an unbearable pain. There wasn't even any food in my stomach, to start with.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure in the doorway. I jumped, blood dripping from my mouth.
"That's why…" Mary mumbled, a smile growing on her face.
"Get OUT!" I screamed. I ran and pushed her out, slamming the door in her face.
I didn't want anybody seeing me like this.
I spent about a month in that hospital, taking a medication and becoming more sane. Eventually, once I was ready, I was released to join the rest of the world. The last thing I saw before I left was Mary on the ground, staring up at me. I wondered if she died because of me.
Going back to college was going to be hard, mostly because everybody knew I was just in a mental hospital. I still felt guilty about the deaths that happened around me, and I felt the pills weren't enough.
I went to live with Gladys in her apartment, she knew I would have trouble if nobody was there for me.
"You might have an interest in those boxes." Gladys grabbed my bag, and pointed to a pile of boxes in the corner.
I walked over and started looking through them. I soon realized it was some of Charlie's stuff, and some of David's stuff. I started digging like mad, and pulled out the watch. The watch that could free me.
I fiddled around with the buttons, hoping it would work. Nothing. I'd have to get batteries later on. I had to go to class in an hour.
I ran to the bathroom, and pulled out my pills. I swallowed a handful, which was more than I needed, but I'm sure it would get me through the day.
Time to face what I'm sure is going to be a living hell.

Lost In Time
Chapter Nine

The way the words stuck to me, the way those harsh words flowed out of their mouth. How their knuckles struck my chin… even I hoped it would fix me.
"Maybe you should kill yourself. You'd be doing us all a huge favor. Even you know you'll never be able to live for anything."
If only I could die...
I dug out my pocket knife, holding the blade up in the dim light. I stood there, debating how many time I'll need to stab myself before I finally drain myself of every drop of blood. Every little drop of liquid that kept me alive.
"Jade? What are you doing?" Gladys walked in, her face wide in shock. I can tell she saw the knife I held.
"Just… leave me be. I'm fine."
"You look hurt," she moved closer, "Do you need a hug?" She always gave hugs to anyone she thought needed one. She was my favorite hugger.
"Hugs don't make everything better." I smirked.
Her face went cold, and she took a step back. Looking at my hand, I saw her blood. Crimson blood covered the knife, as well as my long fingers. Unconsciously, I had been digging the knife into her stomach, tearing her guts out.
Conscious or not, it was my fault. Gladys fell to the ground. Her blood spilled out, warming the cold, hardwood floor. Her dead eyes looked up at me, filling my stomach with the feeling of guilt.
I just killed someone, again. Not just someone this time, I just killed a friend. Someone who took me in and tried to help me feel better. The woman who was my bridesmaid at my wedding. I always regretted that wedding, because I didn't marry the man I love. The man I love is dead, and it's all my fault.
I felt a cold breath on my neck, and I turned around. Nobody was there. I turned back to see Mary smiling at me from across the room. Cuts and bruises covered her face.
"This is your fault. Everything is." She said. With the blink of an eye, she disappeared.
I dashed across the room, slipping on the blood. I grabbed the watch. The watch that taunted me for so long. I threw it out the window. Would a eight story drop kill me? I hope so.
I climbed out the window, letting gravity take me headfirst. Every detail of my life flashed before my eyes, as single tear fell from my cheek. It seemed as if I fell for quite a while, and I realized a few things.
Everybody I knew died. I couldn't die because I didn't know myself. I never even knew where I was headed in this life. I was wasting it, anyways. Death was my only choice, but I just kept waking up.
Something else came to mind;
I never stopped falling. I never woke up.