When They Took Over: Chapter 15

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When They Took Over: Chapter 15

*I am soo sorry for the wait Killjoys!!! I've been overloaded with school work and I haven't had the chance to finish this part until today. So I hope you all enjoy it!*

Chapter Fifteen: Let The Training Commence!

“Okay, Killjoys! It’s time to start training!” said Show Pony excitedly. Atomic and Paranoia were standing beside him as the six new Killjoys stood in front of them along with Silent. They were out in front of the diner.
“Paranoia, if you would so kindly as to teach them the basics of self-defence.” Asked Show Pony gesturing towards them. Paranoia nodded her head and stepped forward with her hands behind her back.
“Right.” She said eyeing them all closely. “To know how to fight properly, you have to know how to defend yourself. Frank- I mean Fun Ghoul, help me demonstrate a basic move.” She mentioned for him to come forward. Fun Ghoul walked up to her.
“Try to punch me, Fun Ghoul.” She said. Fun Ghoul balled up his fist and took a swing.
All of a sudden Paranoia grabbed his fist and turned around and finished, having Ghoul in a headlock.
“Whoa…” Jet Star said, impressed.
“Cool, huh?” said Paranoia still holding Ghoul in headlock. “This is how you do it.” She released Ghoul and she went through the steps one by one. Soon everybody else was practising the move on each other.
Throughout the day they learnt Taekwondo. At first learning the basics.
“Alright! You all catch on really quickly, but nevertheless you all need to practise what you have learnt today. Show Pony will teach you all how to aim, fire and reload your ray-guns.” Said Paranoia as she stepped aside, letting Pony forward.
“Okay, Killjoys. I’m going to show you how to shot your-“a laser shot just past Pony’s ear. “Alright, who’s the trigger happy Killjoy?” he said putting a hand on his hip and leaning on one leg. Danger Zone lifted her head up a little, a smirk on her face.
“Sorry…” she said.
“Just don’t shoot until I tell you to.” Said Pony. He had a big bag and he started to pull out cans and place them several feet away from them. “Now what I want you all to do is shot the can in front of you. Keep trying until you hit it. If you run out of ammo, tell me.” He gestured for them to start. Different coloured rays shot out from the colourful ray-guns. Party Poison’s ray shot the can first.
“I shot it!” he shouted.
“Great! See if you can shot it again. Remember to aim first then shoot!” shouted Pony over the ‘bang-bang’ of the ray-guns.
When the shooting stopped Atomic went up to every can and examined the damage dealt to it.
“Party Poison and Thrill Killer are quite the sharp shooters.” She said. “But you all did a good job for your first time. I’ll show you how to reload them.”
She pulled out her own ray-gun. It was the bloodiest shade of red with accentuating bits of white and black. She clicked the back of her ray-gun open.
“This is the ammo compartment.” She said as she pulled out a small grey capsule, she held up the capsule. “And this is the ammo. It’s called a cell and it holds 100 plasma rays. The ones your ray-guns are loaded with only hold 20.” She walked up to Poison and showed him how the reload, she then showed everyone else one-by-one. After their ray-gun were loaded they practiced some more.

A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and onto the bench in front of him as he picked up a test tube with green liquid in it. He also picked up a dropper and squeezed one drop of clear liquid into the test tube. The green substance bubbled and hissed. The man, also known as ‘The Scientist’ smiled at his triumph.
He poured the now milky liquid into a flask and swished it around. Then poured in into some contraption and out the other end came two small, white pills. He scribbled down something in his note book. He pressed a button on the wall next the speaker.
“Sir, It is complete.” He spoke into the wall.
“Good, good, Dr. Birch. I will be there immediately!” came Korse’s voice from the speaker. Dr. Birch removed his finger from the button and grinned widely. ‘Oh, how proud he will be for my work!’ he thought to himself.
A minute later there was a knock on the laboratory door.
“Come in.” said Dr. Birch. Korse stepped in with two Drac flanking him. He had a smirk on his face.
“I see you have done well, Dr.” he looked towards the flask with the milky substance. “We will put this new development into action as soon as possible. On behalf of BL/ind, I would like to thank you for your commitment in make this new super vitamin. Your services are not needed anymore.” He walked over the bench and snatched up the pills.
“Boys, I think it’s time we farewelled our dear scientist.” Korse snapped his fingers and the Dracs stepped forward, ready to strike.
“B-b-but who will you replace me with?” asked the now cowering scientist.
“Oh, we have a whole industry full of scientists. Goodbye, Dr. Birch.” Korse turned to walk away. The Dracs advanced on Dr. Birch.
As Korse walked into the hallway agonised screams could be heard from the laboratory as Dr. Birch was being killed by the mindless Draculoids.